St. Patrick’s Day Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. I added a new set of addition and subtraction worksheets to the (growing) Addition and Subtraction Bundle!

Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


St. Patricks Day Addition Subtraction Worksheets

Our growing Addition and Subtraction BUNDLE  includes 15 pdfs. I’ve been adding seasonal math packets periodically! It actually includes much more than just addition and subtraction worksheets and activities. It also includes basic fractions, shapes, time/clocks and more!

Scroll down below for more details about the games, worksheets and activities included in this bundle!

ADDITION BUNDLE: Place Value Pack, Pirate Pack,  Pet Pack, Fact Family Games, Seasonal Activities and more— Bundle (over 250 pages of materials, 10 pdfs!)


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Addition Bundle - Homeschool Math Curriculum

Easter - Jelly Bean Addition Subtraction Activities

Mixed Math Practice for K-Grade 1

math board games addition doublingaddition subtraction worksheets




Fact Family Math Games Addition Worksheets

St. Patrick's Day Subtraction Game - Easy

Fraction Math Practice Worksheets

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