It’s Snow Much Fun!

Snow Day!

There’s something so magical about a big snowfall… all activities are canceled, fridge is stocked, and there are fun things to do outdoors!

We spent a lot of time outside today enjoying the snow!

Snow Much Fun - Jan 2019 Snowfall!

Snow - Jan 2019I went for a really lovely walk in the woods with Boomer.Walk in the Woods - SnowfallED and I went sledding down the hill together a number of times. We were completely sprayed with snow… and buried by the time we got to the bottom of the hill! We couldn’t stop laughing!!

SleddingAnd, we teamed up to build a snowman and snow dog! 🙂

Snowman and snowdogThis year I splurged on a new pair of winter boots for myself. My girls are getting close to my size. I got them the Iceface winter boots (affiliate link) in a child’s size 5  and size 6 for the girls. When I tried on the the child’s size 6, I realized how incredibly comfortable they were (but small on me).   I decided to get the children’s size 7 boots… which fit me (an adult size 8 1/2) perfectly! Plus, they were $20 or so cheaper than getting adult boots. 🙂  These are so warm and kept my feet completely dry today… I wish I had splurged a few years ago (but you know how it goes when you have to buy three kids new winter boots nearly every year because they grow so fast!) I loved that there’s a cord that you can pull to cinch them a bit tighter. Anyway, if you’re still looking for winter boots, we highly recommend these! 🙂 They were just under $40 at Amazon. Here’s a picture of my new winter boots (the girls chose the black too!)

New winter boots!After all the adventurous time outdoors, we came back in and immediately built a fire in the wood stove!  Time to kick back with a cup of coffee and relax indoors in front of the fire!

Fire in the woodstove - Jan 2019Now I’m going to spend a bit of time making sure we’re all set for next week…Here’s a snap of my planner at the moment… I’ve taken to writing out some plans in the 9-square grid for subjects and then our 5 day week as well.  I sure change up our planner a lot! Actually, I might go add those to our (free) homeschool planner while I’m thinking about it.  The calendar is also free – the latest one is here. They are full-sized pages, but for the front of my homeschool planner, I printed 8-to a page.Planner - 2019

and hope to get a blog post written about what we’ve been up to in general. Plus, I want to finish making some materials for the kids… but more about all that in another post.

That’s about it… let me hit post and get to some other things now!  I hope you had a lovely weekend too!  ~Liesl

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