Update to the Hands-On Activity Ideas and Teaching Strategies List – Free Printable

Hey Everyone,

This is just a real quick note to let you know that I updated the Hands-On Activity Ideas and Homeschool Teaching Strategies List.  I wanted to update that list and add in some pictures.

This post has a wide range of different hands-on activity ideas and teaching strategies that might inspire you in your homeschooling!

This time of year, our homeschooling can start to feel a bit stale. That’s when we have to shake things up and try approaching things from a different angle.  We all  have homeschool teaching strategies that we rely on, but it’s really great to change those up from time to time.

What kinds of engaging, hands-on activities can we do in our homeschools? You will find the List of Hands-On Activity Ideas andHomeschool Teaching Strategies here.

Here are a couple of pics that aren’t included in the new update!

Our Free Egg-speriment Packet is here:Egg Experiments

Weather Unit: Experiments about AirAirHasWeight-675x308

Again, click on the link or the picture below for the updated list and free printable:

Hands-On Activity Ideas and Homeschool Teaching Strategies

Hands-On Activity Ideas - Homeschool Teaching StrategiesHope it’s helpful!

Happy Homeschooling! ~Liesl

Here are a couple of other free resources you might find helpful if you haven’t seen them already!

Science for Early Elementary   You will find a video and a free printable at this post: Homeschool Science in Early Elementary (K-2)


We also have a free Science Checklist for Elementary and Middle School with a list of the science topics I hope to cover K-Grade 8 or so.  It is also free to download! ?

Homeschool Science Checklist - elementary and middle school


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