Homeschool Planning – Free Daily Checklist Sheets … Plus Life Then & Now!! (Pics)

We had a really long, really lovely spring break. One of the really fun things was visiting a zoo where we could all feed the kangaroo, camel and other animals. That brought us fond memories of living in the Outback. Down below I will share some old photos of the kids from our days in Australia (we lived their for 12 years and the kids were all born there)… but first a little bit about our planning since that’s something you can actually download and use if you’re interested! I can’t resist sharing this quick pic first… this is DD at the Camel Farm in Alice Springs, Australia:

Camel Farm 1In addition to all of our fun activities and travels, I spent quite a bit of time planning… both for the last 8 or 10 weeks of school and also looking ahead to next year!

I find that I *need* breaks to get re-energized and excited about our homeschooling.

When we’ve been away from our routine for a while, I find that I have a lot I’m carrying in my head (since we do so many different subjects now and since the kids each play a different instrument and so forth).  I really turn to my Homeschool Planner to help keep me on track.

Since I like planning on paper, I often change things up. In fact, that’s why our planner is now over 100 pages! This is the latest style I’ve added to our Homeschool Planner.

You will find these on pages 108 to 111 of the (free) Homeschool Planner. (Read the note below.)

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Click here (or the picture below) for the FREE Homeschool Planner and Discovery Journal

Free Homeschool Checklist Pages - Free Homeschool Planner

If you have thoughts/suggestions for improvement, be sure to let me know!

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Free Homeschool Journal

I also print out calendar pages (4 per page) and add that to my Homeschool Planner as well.  A few weeks ago I shared the latest version of our calendar which now goes through August of 2019!  You’ll find that here: Free 2018-2019 Calendar Printable

Free 2018-2019 School Year Calendar

Remember, if you are planning for next year, we also have this free Homeschool Vision Planner: Homeschool Planning for Next Year (Free Planning Pages)

Free Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Planning Pages - what did we cover

Homeschool Planner - Free

And here are some of the science topics I hope to cover K-8 in science:  Homeschool Science Unit Checklist – K to Grade 8.

ScienceHomeschoolChecklistSpring Break Fun:  And just to get a little personal, I wanted to write a little bit about our spring break.  We had planned to take just a week off, but wound up taking 2 weeks off because the public schools here were off the week before we were planning to go out of town.  The kids were all invited to various activities because of the break… so there school went out the window.  Flexibility! It’s one of the traits we have as homeschoolers, right?!!

We spent two days driving out to Missouri to spend the week with my in-laws.  It was a packed house with 13 of us converging from all parts of the country to spend time with the cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents!  It was full-on and action packed!

We were near Branson, Missouri and did quite a number of activities, shows, and rides! Here are a few pictures.  This is a Chinese Acrobat show we saw which was right near the “Hollywood Sign.” The kids also loved the Go Karts!:

Branson MissouriHere’s another set of pics from Branson I took when we were there another time! It’s a fun place to visit, that’s for sure!

BransonWe went to a small zoo in Branson which was a big hit with the kids. This was the first time in years the kids were able to feed kangaroos (The kids were all born in Central Australia, so we used to feed the wallabies and kangaroo regularly!) I thought it would be fun to include some now and then pictures!


Animals in BransonThen:

Feeding the Rock Wallabies in Alice Springs:

feeding-the-wallabiesThis is ED at a park Cleland Wildlife Park in South Australia:


Camels then:

Camel Farm Alice Spring AustraliaOur camel ride with friends in the Outback. DD (age 4) and her friend (age 3) got to ride their own camel. That would *never* be allowed in the U.S., right?!:

camel-trekCamel Races in Alice Springs:Camel Races Alice Springs AustraliaExperience with the reptile in Alice Springs (ED was just a baby when this picture was taken!!):

Reptile Centre Alice Springsvs. now:

Reptiles in Branson

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