Primary Spanish – Elementary Spanish Class for Kids!

One of the things we added into our homeschool schedule this year was Spanish for the girls.  I shared the funny story of how I got to know Sra. Morato in this post a couple of months ago. The girls are continuing to do really well in their Elementary Spanish class.  (I don’t speak Spanish, so this is pretty neat!)

Today I just thought I would share a some of the activities the girls have been working on and some of the Spanish worksheet sets that I printed out for the girls. If you read that last post, you know that the Elementary Spanish class is an online class with videos of Sra. Morato teaching the topics, interactive flashcards and various games/quizzes.  There are also worksheet sets to go along with each unit.

Last week, the girls finished up things around the classroom (like desk, chairs, clock, wall, floor, trash can, lamp, globe and so forth).

This week, they are working on office supplies you would find in a classroom.

In the picture below, you can see the girls are playing the “Shopping Game.”  They roll the die and move their token around the game board trying to collect all the items on their shopping list.  (You can’t really tell from the photo, but there are separate shopping lists with pictures of their supplies, but they said they didn’t want to bother cutting up the page!)

Spanish Units - School Room School SuppliesThis is a glimpse of the worksheet set of My School Room — Mi salón de escuela:

Spanish My School Room - Mi salón de escuela - WorksheetsAnd this is the set the girls are polishing up now on My School supplies- Los materiales de mi escuela

My girls do both the normal word lists and also the “challenge” section which has them speaking (and writing) in full sentences. 🙂

Spanish Unit - My School supplies- Los materiales de mi escuelaI am still helping to make many of the worksheets, activities and games for Sra. Morato’s elementary class (for ages 6 to 12 or so). (I have made most of the German worksheets for my kids over the past few years, so this comes pretty easily for me now. I’m happy to help out because my girls are getting so much out of their Spanish class!)

Sra. Morato splits the kids into different sections, K-3 and Grades 4-6.  My girls attend the older section Tuesday afternoons.  They enjoy their face-to-face classes. 🙂

I love the fact that this is one area I can say, “Did you do your Spanish?”  And I can leave it at that! The girls log into their classroom area and watch Sra. Morato’s video lesson and then do the practice flashcards and games.

Sra. Morato is a native Spanish speaker and has more than 20 years of Spanish teaching experience (in the public classroom and with students of all ages from primary through adults).  If you are interested… you can contact Sra Morato for more information about her classes. She also has a Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 course.  I think DD will probably take her Spanish 1 course next year. (That’s my thought at the moment and DD is excited by Spanish.)

Spanish Course for Elementary:  If you are interested in find out about Sra. Morato’s  Spanish course for elementary ages you can visit this page  for more information about the Spanish Course for the Elementary Years (K-Gr. 6).

As I said above, my girls are in Sra Morato’s primary class. Their previous units included family members (and greetings), how to count to 40, shapes & figures, pets and more! The girls really enjoy the videos and flashcard learning games in this online class. Plus, they get to speak live with Sra Morato in online classes.

Here’s a picture of ED doing the activities for reviewing shapes, animals and numbers a month or so ago:

Elementary Spanish Class - Online

Anyway, I thought I would give you a glimpse of how Spanish is happening in our homeschool.  Very soon, I’ll also add in a post about what we are doing for German (which the kids have been learning for several years now). 🙂

And here is a little more about Sra. Morato:

sramoratoKarim Morato is a Certified Spanish instructor, M.A.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and Online learning. As a former Fairfax County Public School Spanish teacher and a homeschool mother of 3, she has more than 20 years of classroom experience teaching all levels from Spanish I to advanced levels to a diverse group of learners from elementary, homeschoolers, secondary, college students and adult professionals. She is passionate about teaching students to gain the necessary skills to become confident, bilingual Spanish speakers.

Anyway, that’s about it for now!

Happy Homeschooling ~Liesl and Karim


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