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Hi Everyone,

Today I want to share the floor with Sra. Morato. Her online classes include elementary Spanish (for Kindergarten through Grade 6), Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 (36-week classes). This past year I have gotten to know her well and she is actually now teaching my girls Spanish (via video lessons and face-to-face meetings)!

Let me share the story of how that happened!!

It’s a funny story, one day while I was weeding in the garden a couple summers ago I listened to a podcast featuring her and the new Spanish course she was creating for homeschoolers.  I reached out to tell her congratulations on her new Spanish course and to chit-chat a little bit about her homeschooling journey (She homeschools her 3 kids who about the same age as mine). That’s totally out of character for me (to drop someone an email out of the blue), but there was something about her story that made me write that email!

We wound up doing an entire series of Spanish worksheets that we shared free on the blog last year.  I was making worksheets for my kids for German and it was easy for Sra. Morato and I to create some similar ones in Spanish. (We’ll share the links to those below, but let me continue with my story…)

After we had been working together creating these worksheets for a couple of months, I suddenly realized that she was finishing up her graduate school classes at a university right near where my husband works! Crazy! She could have lived anywhere in the world – and here she is just a half-hour away!

I was pretty content with our foreign language journey. As I said above, the kids were/are learning German because that’s the language I had learned/studied.  Even though I haven’t talked much about that on the blog recently we still have German every day.  The kids are working on vocabulary, speaking, reading, and grammar. We’ve been watching German videos and we read stories together in German. Plus, I have them working with a native German speaker (online via Skype) once a week for a half-hour.

All that is to say that things are going well (for foreign language), but I got a chance to see what Sra. Morato has been doing with her online classes. She has been creating teaching videos, flashcards (with games), worksheets and more.  It’s a pretty great program.  How do I know?  Well, this summer, I asked the kids if they wanted to learn Spanish.  My girls said, YES. They have been diving into Sra. Morato’s elementary program (which is still in Beta and is rolling out).  I can say unequivocally that Sra. Morato is a GREAT teacher! She is a native Spanish speaker and has 20 years of teaching experience in the local public schools.  She teaches all ages from primary & middle grades through high school and professional adults!!

What I love about her program?  Well, I don’t speak Spanish. If my girls are going to learn another language (besides German), I can’t help them.  But with Sra. Morato’s program, I can basically just say to the girls, “Did you do your Spanish?”  Not only do they do the videos & flashcards, but they also meet regularly with Sra. Morato for LIVE face-to-face sessions.  My girls enjoy that.  And, I know that live tutoring can be really expensive, so having them speaking with her to practice their Spanish (as part of the course) is amazing! 🙂

I wanted to let you know that Sra. Morato’s Homeschool Spanish I Foundations Class is open for enrollment until the end of November (2017). (It re-opens again this summer for the 2017-2018 school year.)  You can go check out her webpage and hear the testimonial and get to know Sra. Morato a bit watching the various videos she has (just scroll down the page, I’m sure all your questions will be answered!)

New Spanish Course for Elementary:  Sra. Morato is also creating a new Spanish course for elementary ages.  Many parents have asked for it and my own daughter is eager to learn along with many other students. Please visit this page  for more information about the Spanish Course for the Elementary Years (K-Gr. 6).

My girls are in Sra Morato’s primary class. They now know family members, how to count to 40, shapes & figures, pets and more! The girls really enjoy the videos and flashcard learning games in this online class. Plus, they get to speak live with Sra Morato in online classes.

Here’s a picture of ED doing hte activities for reviewing shapes, animals and numbers:

Elementary Spanish Class - OnlineSo now, here’s Sra. Morato:

Hola Parents!

I hope your homeschool year is going well. Last year Liesl and I shared a number of free Spanish resources with you. Enjoy the worksheets and explore the following topics in Spanish:

Spanish Freebies here on the blog:

Those are all free Spanish printables we  made together for you last year!

-In addition, I am super excited to be able to re-open the doors of my Spanish 1 foundational course for the next couple of weeks. Some parents expressed to me their desire to enroll their teen in November (2017). [Update: Enrollment for Spanish 1 and 2 now closed until the summer of 2018.] Homeschoolers have the flexibility to start classes at different seasons, so I wanted to accommodate those students who asked me to be able register later in the fall.

Here is the link to course,  take a moment read why so dozens of students are already enjoying learning and speaking Spanish!

Spanish 1 Foundation Course for Middle and High School Students

Finally, congratulations on promoting Spanish learning with your homeschooler! Learning a foreign a language is an investment that will pay off, it transforms your child’s education experience!

Hasta luego!

Sra. Morato


It’s Liesl again… here is the video so you can get a quick tour and see how her course works.

A Complete Spanish curriculum: vocabulary, video grammar lessons, bi-weekly group conversational sessions for listening, pronunciation and proficiency, special learning workshops sessions to learn reading and writing skills, assessments (Sept.-May) practices and assessments for each module, remediation sessions and exploration of the Hispanic culture.

I just thought I would share this brief video where Sra. Morato’s talks about her Elementary Course (As I said above, my two girls are in her Elementary Spanish class. My girls are 9 and 12.)

And here is a little more about Sra. Morato:

sramoratoKarim Morato is a Certified Spanish instructor, M.A.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and Online learning. As a former Fairfax County Public School Spanish teacher and a homeschool mother of 3, she has more than 20 years of classroom experience teaching all levels from Spanish I to advanced levels to a diverse group of learners from elementary, homeschoolers, secondary, college students and adult professionals. She is passionate about teaching students to gain the necessary skills to become confident, bilingual Spanish speakers.

Anyway, that’s about it for now!

Happy Homeschooling ~Liesl and Karim

P.S. If you read this post too late, I know Sra. Morato has a waiting list. You can reach out to her to find out more.

P.P.S. Here is that list of free Spanish worksheets again (with photos):

Calendar-Page-Spanish-English-La Página de calendario de Hoy-video





Spanish Christmas Worksheets - Palabras de Navidad

Free Spanish Worksheets - Valentines Day

Free Spanish Worksheets for Kids - garden - jardín

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