Fractions Work (4th Grade)

ED has been working steadily on fractions this fall.ย  I thought I would share what she’s been doing the last few weeks. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for the links to some free math resources. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last spring, she quickly and easily went through the Fractions Packet.ย  It’s a free download here on the blog and you can print the pages with a heart-theme or just plain. ๐Ÿ™‚ She used circular shaped manipulatives (affiliate link) with that
Free Fractions Packet

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I made a packet of division problems for ED to review her math facts. (See the picture below on the right side.)

Fraction Work 4th GradeAt the bottom of each page are equivalent fractions.ย  She has been practicing factoring those out, crossing off the common numbers. See below for the link to our Doodle Animal – Division & Equivalent Fractions Practice Packet.ย  It’s currently free. ๐Ÿ™‚


When she started back this fall, I decided to give a new fraction curriculum a try.ย  It was something I saw mentioned by Julie at Living Math. It’s called Developing Fraction Sense.ย  I got Student Workbook A (currently $3.95 at Rainbow Resource, a wonderful homeschool company) and also Developing Fractions Sense: Parent Set – 4th Grade (currently $10.75 at Rainbow Resource) which comes with a set of fraction manipulatives.

We’ve been doing a quick lesson each day and these have been pretty easy for ED… though her lesson today stumped her for a few minutes! She was working on finding the equivalent fraction on a number line.

I showed her how you can break the line into equal portions, just like you can make equivalent fractions out of the plastic pieces. So 1=2/2 or 1=3/3 or 1=6/6.

She’s been doing it for months now, but it was neat seeing the light bulb come on approaching it from a different angle, you know what I mean?

Equivalent Fraction Number Line

We’ve also brought out the Equivalent Fraction Dominoes. (affiliate link) ED enjoys playing that game, but I have to help her. It takes a lot of reducing, so this is a game for a child who has been doing fractions for a while now. DD was playing with us too; she finds it easy. Tomorrow we’re going to play the other version (making pairs that add up to 1 with equivalent fractions).ย  That would be hard for ED.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Equivalent Fraction Domino GameIf your kids are just learning fractions, though, the game above will probably be too hard. You might want to check out the Original Fraction Dominoes (affiliate link) instead which has figures and dots.


She also does problems with a couple of other math programs/workbooks, but I thought I would share what she’s been up to with fractions.

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