Science Checklist for Elementary and Middle School Updated

Hi Everyone,

This is just a real quick note to let you know that I have updated the Science Unit Homeschool Checklist post.  These are the science units I hope to cover in elementary and middle school.  I know I’ve had a lot of new visitors to the blog and wanted to point this resource out.

Homeschool Science Checklist - elementary and middle schoolAlso, someone dropped me a note to ask if I’ve finished the Curriculum Resource guides for grades 4-5 or grades 6-8.  The grade 4-5 is partially finished and will follow that with the middle school guide. I hope to get that done in the next month or so.  Just wanted to keep you all updated.

Here are the links to the other resource guides for creating your own homeschool curriculum. These are free to download!

Creating a Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten, Grade 1

Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten Grade 1

Creating a Homeschool Curriculum Grades 2-3 Science Curriculum Grade 2-3

Creating Your Own Homeschool Curriculum Grade 4 - 5

Homeschool Curriculum Grade 6-8

Hope you’re having a great week!

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Happy Homeschooling! ~Liesl


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