Summer Activities: Science, Engineering, and Math Fun!

Here are some fun summer activities you might enjoy doing with your kids this summer! Today’s post highlights some fun engineering, science and math activities you can do this summer!

Summer Fun: Science, Engineering, and Math Ideas

 Egg Drop Challenge:

Give the kids various supplies (cups, paper bags, yarn, scissors, hole punch, tape, and some coins).


Have them design a parachute that will safely let an egg drop to the ground. Test it with coins first:

P1160588parachutesThen, have them drop their parachute & egg from someplace high off the ground.  Will their eggs survive?


Marshmallow Tower!

Challenge the Kids to make the tallest Marshmallow Tower they can!

You can use meat skewers or straws for this challenge


7 Fun STEM – Engineering Activities for KidsThis post has some fun, quick 20 minute activities you can do with the kids using materials you have around the house!Engineering-ChallengeFree Engineering Curriculum UnitsAlong those same lines, this post has links to some wonderful engineering activities put together by the Museum of Science, Boston. It’s called Engineering is Elementary.Engineering-is-Elemental2
 Make a Sponge BallSpongeBallsAnd use it to practice some math facts: 4 Fun, Active Games for Practicing Math Facts

As the weather gets nicer, you might want to incorporate some of these activities to make fun really fun!!
 Last fall we had fun with this Chalk Math Circle to practice skip counting and math facts! (LD even participated with some Order of Operations/Pre-Algebra practice!MakeMathActive-Chalk-Math-Circle
 Free Online Multiplication GamesOnlineMultiplicationGamesSpeaking of Multiplication Resources – Don’t miss these two two amazing free resources with games you can play with your kids. Visit this post for details: Free Multiplication ResourcesAcingMath
 STEM Activities: Make Your Own Marble Maze; Make Your Own Flashlightflashlight-project
Chemistry Experiments for Kids (Grade 2) – Mixtures, Chromatography, DNA Kit – ED really liked our chemistry experiments, so I thought I’d add in this post to the list too. :)We did these chemistry experiments last fall, but they’d be fun as summer activities too!Chemistry-Experiment-Matter-is-neither-created-nor-destroyed   Chemistry-Experiment-PacketChemistry-Experiment-Chromatography
 Free Science Experiment Packet (for ages 3-6)Science Experiment Packet

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SummerActivityIdeas-Patches-ProjectsI have to end with these two free activity printables again.  The first is a list I compiled from various scout badges that kids can earn. The patches were about $1.00 each.  You can have the kids select fun things to do and try to work them into your summer… things such as

  • canoeing
  • broom ball
  • organizing a tour of a store, recycle center, etc.
  • sewing…
  • building a solar oven

Click here to download and print out this free pdf: 350+ Activity Ideas

Fun stuff, right?!! Here is the original post: Summer Activities for Kids

If you have younger kids, you might enjoy this HUGE List of Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers!! It has more than 100+ activities to do with your 2-5 year old (and it too is free to download!) 🙂


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