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Not everyone uses Facebook and  with the way Facebook works now, the majority of my readers don’t see what I post to Facebook.  So, I thought that I’d highlight some of my older posts here on the blog as well every now and then.

20+ Thoughts for the Busy Homeschooling Family:


11 Year Old Shares Her Thoughts About Homeschooling
Last winter on a snowy day like this one, I shared this post written by my friend’s daughter. Hope you enjoy!


You may be interested in reading her Mom’s thoughts about balancing homeschooling with working outside the home. This is a post from last year by my friend — an amazing woman who is currently not only working her normal job, but is also teaching a university class and homeschools her kids! (And somehow squeezes in time to chat with me on the phone!) How does she do it? Here was last year’s post:

Animal Portfolio Project – My daughter loves animals. Last year, I created this portfolio project so she could choose all kinds of projects relating to animals — art, writing, research, geography and more! She *loved* doing this!! Hope someone else can use this! It’s free to download.


Phases of the Moon Activity (for ages 4-7 or so)  We had a lot of fun when we did this activity several years ago. We even tried out a recipe for homemade Oreos. (Note to self — We need to make these again!!)



Beat the Cold with These Fun Activities


Fun Preschool Activities That Develop Fine Motor Skills:  (My post last week over at Everything Kids at parents.com) Are you looking for some fun activities to do with your Preschooler? We’ve just posted a half-dozen fun activities over at Everything Kids at Parents. It includes clothes pin math and letter activities and a free printable just in time for the Chinese New Year!


Animals and Their Groups – We all know a school of fish, but an army of frogs or a mob of wallabies?! Your kids might enjoy these sort cards. These are free to download.

Animals and Their Groups


Someone mentioned they really liked this free printable: Free Worksheet – Today’s Calendar Page you’ll also find the link to our free Math Lapbook (for ages 4-6) over at that page.

Calendar Page for Kids

Free Engineering Units for Kids:

Free Engineering Units for Kids


Some people enjoyed looking through this post: Creating Daily Homeschool Routines and Procedures



Coming Up I have a number of packets (Cells and Cell Functions; Circulatory System, Muscular System)… I’m super excited because our Dinosaur Packet is almost ready to share – Hopefully this next week!!



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