Math Mat Challenge Game

We have had the Math Mat Challenge (affiliate link)  for years now.  It is one of those games that go in and out of the cupboard.  For a family like ours — with three kids each two years apart, this game has had a long shelf life.  The kids love leaping and jumping on it and it has help up well.

Since it has been too cold to go outside to do any active math games, but this sure gets the kids moving. We pulled out for ED to practice addition.


What’s great about the Math Mat is that it has a number of different activities from calling out the number for the kids to find to asking addition or subtraction problems. This means that even my littlest one could play from early on age 2 or so (with help from Mom). (It could be frustrating for her, though, when she mis-stepped and got the answer incorrect.)



The past couple of weeks while it has been out in the middle of the room — all three kids have spent time playing on it. Definitely it has the most appeal for my 5 (almost 6) year old (rather than my 10 year old), but this is one homeschool purchase I’m glad I made! I’d recommend it for families with kids on the younger side 2-7 or so.

MathMatMy kids have enjoyed through the years.

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