The Free Art Drawing Lessons That My Girls Love

I can’t say enough about Kathy over at Art Projects for Kids and the amazing lessons she shares on her blog.  We have been benefiting from her free lessons for years! With everything else that has been going on for me the last few months, it’s been wonderful to have this resource helping to inspire my kids. We have an ever-growing notebook of lessons that the kids flip through and select.

DD loved this lesson on How to Draw a Dreaming Story.  She didn’t want to include the girl in the bed, but spent a lot of time working on the quilt:


All of the kids spend time looking over the drawing lessons and choosing things to draw. The directions are so clear that the girls have been using her lessons since the age of 4. Here are some of the drawings DD did a week or so ago:


And here’s a picture of ED’s writing workshop journal from last September. (ED is 5.) You can see she learned how to draw the really learned this lesson on How to Draw a Fox. She spent days writing “chapters” for her story about the fox and the cat.


I love the art journal lessons Kathy shared not long ago and hope to do these with the kids as well. She has several downloadable lessons: Lessons 1 and 2 (Line and Shape/Form); Lessons 3 and 4 (Space and Color); Lessons 5 and 6 (Value and Texture). I have her lessons printed out and tucked into our ever-growing art notebook! Thank you, Kathy! 

We have a whole notebook of drawing lessons that the kids thumb through several times a week.  Just a couple of days ago, we pulled out the notebook to write thank you cards for all the meals we received last week:


To be honest, seeing someone who shares her lessons free with the wider world has been inspiring to me personally.  I know how grateful I am to have a place to turn when it comes to art… Since I am so grateful for her expertise, it makes me inspired to share the things I make for my kids with the wider world as well in the hopes that I’m passing something of use too.

Anyway, I highly recommend you go check out Kathy’s blog, Art Projects for Kids!

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