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The Free Art Drawing Lessons That My Girls Love

I can’t say enough about Kathy over at Art Projects for Kids and the amazing lessons she shares on her blog.  We have been benefiting from her free lessons for years! With everything else that has been going on for me the last few months, it’s been wonderful to have this resource helping to inspire my kids. We have an ever-growing notebook of lessons that the kids flip through and...


Beautiful Glass Art Exhibit, Hiking, Making a Long Trip Longer, Skiing

Sometimes it’s enough to get the bags packed and the kids ready; the snack food and water tucked into the car… but there’s not always a big plan when we head off… just a vague notion of where we have to go and who we plan to see. We definitely keep our eyes open for fun activities along the way. That’s how we wound up going into the Smokies, visiting...

Art Lessons My Kids Love 2

Art Lessons My Kids Love

We don’t have the kids enrolled in any formal art program nor am I an artist!  I have really benefited from the expertise of an art teacher named Kathy who shares the projects and lessons she does with her elementary students at Art Projects for Kids.   If you are looking for some wonderful lessons to do with your kids this summer, you might want to check out Kathy’s website. You...