Trash Crafts (9-foot trash-o-saurus and more)

A wonderful way to recycle, inspire and create is to save your clean trash. Set that out along with feathers, googly eyes, glue, pipe cleaners and other assorted things to see what you child can come up with.  Egg cartons were a huge hit with the girls last week.  While I decorated a tissue box… the girls set to work on their own cute puppets (no input from me)!

Our absolute all-time best trash craft was “Trash-o-saurus.” We were studying dinosaurs (click here to see our hands-on dinosaur activities) at the time.  In the end it measured 9 feet 9 inches by 4 feet 8 inches. It was made with paper from our move, some wire fencing we found out in the woods behind our house, sticks and other trash!

See all the pictures of how we made trash-o-saurus here!

Have fun with your trash crafts!!

 Get inspired with your trash this summer!!

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