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Canvas Crayon Craft 0

Canvas Crayon Craft

My girls really loved doing this canvas crayon craft.  I thought I would share how they made their creations with you today! It’s quite an easy craft to do. What you need: a packet of crayons hot glue gun canvas (affiliate link)  – We got  the 10 pack of 8×10 canvases because DD wants to do this with her friends at a sleepover. hair dryer How to do it: Use the...

Trash Crafts (9-foot trash-o-saurus and more) 0

Trash Crafts (9-foot trash-o-saurus and more)

A wonderful way to recycle, inspire and create is to save your clean trash. Set that out along with feathers, googly eyes, glue, pipe cleaners and other assorted things to see what you child can come up with.  Egg cartons were a huge hit with the girls last week.  While I decorated a tissue box… the girls set to work on their own cute puppets (no input from me)! Our...