My Favorite Gifts

Of all the gifts, my favorite was the one made from the heart… my own doll! It’s made of a milk-jug,  tin foil, felt and lots and lots of tape!!

Isn’t it precious?!

I love that the kids are finally of the age that they can keep secrets from me until Christmas!

A close runner up was the homemade picture frame LD made for me, complete with a picture (courtesy of Grams) of him around the age of 4 looking back over his shoulder as he climbed the stairs with half his bottom hanging out of his pajamas. The picture was so funny, it had Hubby and me in stitches for a good ten minutes! It still cracks me up (HaHa!!)!  But, for the sake of his future college admission I won’t post the picture here on the blog. You’ll just have to take my word that it’s a family winner!!

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