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Holiday Art Basket: Inspire Your Kids to Be Creative and Crafty

I’ve been falling down on the job… I realized I could create a much more inspiring environment. When the kids were little, we did a lot of Montessori activities. One of the concepts that Maria Montessori emphasized was having a prepared environment. A prepared environment, she believed, supports a child’s natural desire to learn. As the NAMC website put it, in a prepared environment “everything the child came in contact...

My Favorite Gifts 0

My Favorite Gifts

Of all the gifts, my favorite was the one made from the heart… my own doll! It’s made of a milk-jug, ┬átin foil, felt and lots and lots of tape!! Isn’t it precious?! I love that the kids are finally of the age that they can keep secrets from me until Christmas! A close runner up was the homemade picture frame LD made for me, complete with a picture (courtesy...