3 Things I Need From School Break

After a busy semester, there are three things I need:

  1. a complete break from our school schedule and routine
  2. time for self-reflection
  3. time to plan
We’re currently on stage 1!! We definitely need time to revitalize and become re-inspired by our studies. I’ve been fortunate to have some good quality time by myself without kids while my in-laws were here to babysit. I spent lots of time at the library and getting some last-minute shopping in.
On Tuesday, we had a quick errand to do and then spent the entire afternoon—five hours!—outside. We stopped and did a hike along a wet-land trail. There were hundreds of birds in the water and in the air, but without a telephoto lens there wasn’t too much to show you.
Then the kids played and played along the waterfront, building bridges, tables and equipping their place on a log in the water. I could hardly haul them away to have a picnic! It was such a great day!
Play-at-the-ParkToday, the kids and I spent lots of time in the kitchen baking up a storm. I’ll share some of our favorite holiday treats in the next day or so!

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