Let the Holiday Fun Begin! School Break! Hooray!

We are officially on school break! What fun! I can say that we all needed the break because it has been so busy these past few weeks. And while we had some fun projects we were finishing up, I can definitely say that I was beginning to feel flat and stale. Time to step back shake things up and re-energize a bit.

While my in-laws were here for a few days, we decided to go to an ice show that featured Shrek the Halls. The kids watched a DVD of Shrek on the drive down there and then we all walked through the exhibit which has more than 2 million pounds of ice!! They kept it very, very cold in there! The kids enjoyed the ice slide (the top middle picture below shows the slides on either side of Shrek and Donkey), but they got chilled pretty quickly despite having heavy blue coats over-top their own winter coats!



This year we haven’t done much in the way of holiday crafts at home, but over the weekend we went to a Christmas Party and the kids decorated cookies and did a bunch of crafts they hadn’t done before like paper-chains and cranberry-popcorn stringing! I loved the little snowmen ornaments that the kids made! The kids loved the tri-bead candy cane and wreath ornaments they made for the tree.



We’ve also enjoyed light shows not only at the Gaylord Hotel near the Shrek the Halls exhibit, but also on a drive closer to home (middle pictures).  The kids really love this time of year!



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