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Our Favorite Holiday Sweets 1

Our Favorite Holiday Sweets

Do you have any special sweets you make this time of year?  Our family has some old traditions and some new. I’d like to share two of the easiest cookies we make this time of year: One of our new additions is from Aunt M… we love this recipe and it is so easy! We’ve altered her original recipe slightly: 1 cup butter 2 cups flour (I actually use 1/2...


Let the Holiday Fun Begin! School Break! Hooray!

We are officially on school break! What fun! I can say that we all needed the break because it has been so busy these past few weeks. And while we had some fun projects we were finishing up, I can definitely say that I was beginning to feel flat and stale. Time to step back shake things up and re-energize a bit. While my in-laws were here for a few...