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Sometimes it’s enough to get the bags packed and the kids ready; the snack food and water tucked into the car… but there’s not always a big plan when we head off… just a vague notion of where we have to go and who we plan to see. We definitely keep our eyes open for fun activities along the way. That’s how we wound up going into the Smokies, visiting...


3 Things I Need From School Break

After a busy semester, there are three things I need: a complete break from our school schedule and routine time for self-reflection time to plan We’re currently on stage 1!! We definitely need time to revitalize and become re-inspired by our studies. I’ve been fortunate to have some good quality time by myself without kids while my in-laws were here to babysit. I spent lots of time at the library...

Celebrating Father’s Day 0

Celebrating Father’s Day

We celebrated Father’s Day by going camping this weekend. It’s a bit of work getting everything ready, but once we’re out there the time away is so refreshing!  The highlight was a beautiful two-hour hike we did together.  I loved watching Dad teaching the kids to skip rocks.  I have fond memories of doing that with my Dad that as a kid! It was picturesque and peaceful and just a...