Sunny Side Up: Number Recognition Dice Game for 4-6 yr. olds

This is a game I’ve played with all of my kids as they’ve started working on double-digit number recognition.



*Make your own dice (5 total) with the numbers 1-5 and a sunny side. You can use wooden cubes (available at a craft store such as Michaels).
*Each player gets their own 3×3 square card (available here).
*Roll all 5 dice and make as many number combinations as possible.
*The sunny side is a wild number; choose any number you want.

*For example if you roll a 1,1, 3, 4, sunny-side up then you could make the following numbers 11, 35 (with the sunny-side) and 4.
*Cross off the numbers on your sheet. Then it is the next player’s turn.

*The first player to cross off all nine numbers wins the game.


You can make your own dice with wooden cubes such as the ones I placed in this photo above.

You can get a copy of the directions and the playing card sheet I made here, Sunny Side Up, or you can easily jot down 9 numbers using the digits 1 though 5 on an index card.

Here are more Sunny Side Up – Instructions and Cards

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