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I thought ED and DD (4 and6) would really enjoy doing some activities related to the human body again. As it turned out DD was quite sick so ED and I worked on this ourselves.  LD came in only at the end when we looked at the Bio Digital Human online.

First I outlined her body. Then she built her skeletal system. We love the book, Look Into Your Body: All About You From the Inside Out and have gotten SO much use out of it through the years!  The skeleton puzzle is made of thick cardboard and has held up well through all three kids. As you can see, the skeleton is nearly the size of ED!


After reading through the book and playing with the Bio Digital Human (more about that below), ED colored in the major organs. We talked about the function of each organ as she colored it in.


We talked a bit about how the skeleton protects some our major organs like the brain, heart and lungs.  ED loves to color and she decided the arms and legs needed to be colored in too!

Body2We also went to the really fascinating website, the Bio Digital Human.  Everyone enjoyed turning on and off the various systems (digestive, respiratory, etc.) and moving the body around to see it from all different angles front, back, sides, from the feet up, etc. You can move the body 3-dimensionally rotating in any direction imaginable!


We had to finish off the day reading through What Happens to a Hamburg?  This is another book that we’ve read often through the years.


You might be interested in our skeletal system worksheets:
Human Skeleton System Worksheets:
When we covered the human body skeleton a couple years after I wrote this post, I made a packet of human body worksheets for the kids.  There are various worksheets highlighting the major bones of the body. These worksheets include the skull, legs and hips, feet, hands, ear bones and scapula (back bone with a view from the back). I also made lapbook pieces so we could create a human skeleton lapbook. I hope someone finds these helpful!
There are about 90 pages.
This packet is $5.75. The “buy now” button will take you to Paypal and upon payment you will receive a link for immediate download.

Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

HumanSkeleton-Worksheets-LapbookSkeletal System Unit Skeletal System Worksheets
Skeletal System Booklet Skeletal System Unit - Worksheets Notebook Pages
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