“Time In” for My Preschooler

I once read about the concept of a time-in. Well, at this stage of life I have to be really mindful to do this for my four year old…  Sometimes I even need to turn on the stopwatch on to be sure I’m stopping and focusing on ED for a good solid ten minutes. I do this for my older kids of course too, but at times it’s easier to say “just a minute” to ED since I’m working on “important” things with the older kids.
In this case ED set up a cubby house and made prizes.
Then she put on her show. The pictures I’m not sharing have these amazingly beautiful smiles.  It made me SO happy I stopped my busy life to focus on her.

As we went back upstairs, I said, “Thank you for the show.”

ED responded, “I love you, Mama. Was that an awesome show?”
“That was really wonderful.”

And it was!

Have you had a time in with your kids lately?

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