Have Your Kids Join in on these Engineering Activities!

Engineering Challenge – Week 2

 The kids did their second Engineering Challenge this week.  Each day I spend time reading a book aloud to the kids. Right now we’re reading a wonderful book about the Oregon Trail.   On Thursday I had them try this challenge while I read.

The Goal: Build a tower with post-it notes. Make it as sturdy and high as you can.
Engineering Challenge

Here are some of the solutions my kids came up with.  Maybe your kids might want to give it a go?!

 Thanks again to  Ami over at Walking By the Way and  Kids Who Think for posting the Think Challenge ideas.

Engineering Challenge - Post It Notes

Here is last week’s challenge:


Engineering Challenge –  Week 1

When the kids were much younger (2009 or so) I heard great things about a website called Kids Who Think. Each week she put up new challenges and lots of people got in on the act.  Recently Ami over at Walking By the Way put together a class syllabus based on those challenges.  My kids are just about the right age to participate in these challenges now. We did the first our first one Friday, Feb. 17th.

The Goal: Build the tallest tower you can with silverware.  Surprisingly, ED (age 4) was the first to assemble something that stood upright.  After that LD took the lead.  These challenges are supposed to get kids to work together, but in this particular challenge the kids and I all worked on our own towers.

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