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Engineering Challenge: Week 5 Parachute Challenge

  The Parachute Challenge! I supplied the kids with cups, yarn, tape, plastic bags, scissors, and a hole puncher. Their challenge was build a parachute that could safely transport objects down from a 12 foot drop.   They got busy building and testing their parachutes out with coins. Then they were ready for the big test — a long drop with raw eggs. Our Results? I’m happy to report all...


Engineering Challenge: Week 4 Marshmallow Construction

Challenge your kids to think creatively with this quick activity. This week we had to do our Think Challenge on Monday since I knew I’d be out of commission. The kids were thrilled; they really love these activities! Their challenge was to build as tall a tower as they could with marshmallows and straws. I let ED use wooden skewers because the straws were challenging to work with. Here are...


Have Your Kids Join in on these Engineering Activities!

Engineering Challenge – Week 2  The kids did their second Engineering Challenge this week.  Each day I spend time reading a book aloud to the kids. Right now we’re reading a wonderful book about the Oregon Trail.   On Thursday I had them try this challenge while I read. The Goal: Build a tower with post-it notes. Make it as sturdy and high as you can. Here are some of the solutions...