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Elementary Spanish Class - Homeschool Spanish 0

Homeschool Spanish Online Class (Elementary, Spanish 1 and 2)

Hi Everyone, Today I want to share the floor with Sra. Morato. Her online classes include elementary Spanish (for Kindergarten through Grade 6), Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 (36-week classes). This past year I have gotten to know her well and she is actually now teaching my girls Spanish (via video lessons and face-to-face meetings)! Let me share the story of how that happened!! It’s a funny story, one day while...


Daily Calendar in Spanish! La Página de calendario de Hoy

It is a new school year! Start learning about the calendar in Spanish! These three video lessons will teach you about the: •    Days of the week •    Months •    How to talk about the weather Hola! I am Sra. Morato, a homeschool mom of three and Spanish certified teacher.  I am so excited Liesl has given me the platform to share with you all some of my Spanish lessons....