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Sydney Fun for Kids 0

Sydney Fun for Kids

Some of the things we did in Sydney includedLuna Park, the Power House Museum and theSydney Aquarium. Luna Park is a theme park; just look at that frontgate! Here are some of the things the kids and I did onour own while Dad was in a class all week: The Power House Museum is a children’s museum. DD especially liked the area where you built a house(pictured 2nd below). The...

Australia’s Largest Indoor Play Place 1

Australia’s Largest Indoor Play Place

We visited Little Dynamos which says that it’s the largestindoor play place in Australia. It’s located on the airport(train) line just a couple stops from the airport at Georgeand Allen Streets. I was able to get all three kids there onmy own; it’s just a couple blocks from the train. I includeda map for those friends who might want to let the kids burnoff energy after a long airplane trip....

Welcome to Our New Blog 2

Welcome to Our New Blog

Hi! Welcome to our new homeschool blog. I’ll leave these first few pictures here for the firstmonth or so — scroll on down to see if we’veadded anything new. I thought I’d first post a couple of picturesfrom our area of the world. Pictured belowis a Ghost Gum Tree.  We drive off road alot and go hiking, looking for rocks andkangaroo bones (one of LD’s favoriteactivities!) Please like & share:

Bearded Dragon 0

Bearded Dragon

We go to the local Reptile Centre fairly often (once a monthor so). Here’s a picture of a bearded dragon. We once hadone of these peer into our sliding glass door! This one is probablyabout 25 centimeters long or 10 inches. Please like & share:


Rock Wallabies

Here we are feeding the wallabies. If you look closely, you can see a little joey poking its head out of the Mama Wallaby’s pouch. Every now and then we’ll post more pictures of our area — but not today! Now on to some of our homeschool activities! Please like & share: