Food Chain, Food Web, Energy Pyramid Activities (Biology Packet)

We have a Biology Packet that covers the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings (ie. ecology!). I have added several new activities to this packet.   These include interactive notebook pages on the food chain, food web and the energy pyramid. Also, I created a new Biology Bundle of 5! Details about that are below. Food Chain Food Web Food Pyramid Activties - Interactive Notebook Pages

First, let me explain what new activities were added.  In addition to the food chain and food web activities you can see above, there is also an interactive notebook activity to help students learn about the different trophic levels:

Trophic Level - Interactive Notebook ActivityThere is also an interactive notebook page with flaps for creating a notebook page about energy pyramids:

Energy Pyramid Interactive Notebook ActivityIn all, there are about 10 new pages. (There is an option to print a couple of the activities in either black & white or color.) The Biology Unit is well over 70 pages.

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Here are some of the things we explored in this unit:

What is the difference between a biome, ecosystem, and habitat?  What is the difference between a food chain and a food web? What are trophic levels?  What is the energy pyramid? What is symbiosis?  How do different species interact?  What in the world is amensalism or antiobiosis?!

Some of the other topics in this biology unit include:

  • a discussion of the difference between biomes, ecosystems, and habitats
  • the three main climate zones
  • the abiotic factors of each biome —  ie. the physical, nonliving factors that shape an ecosystem
  • dominant animals and plants in each biome
  • feeding relationships — producers and consumers (autotrophs and heterotrophs).  And, we talked about the different feeding relationships: herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, detritivores and decomposers
  • biological interactions:
    • Amensalism
    • Predation
    • Competition
    • Antibiosis
    • Mutualism
    • Commensalism
    • Parasitism

Here are a few more pictures of material in this unit:




symbiosis commensalism mutualism worksheets and activitiesBiological-Interactions-Worksheets

This packet 70 page packet is $6.50 and contains all the materials mentioned above. (The price has not changed with the addition of the new materials, but I have created a brand new Biology Bundle of 3! Details below or in Our Store!)

Biology Packet on the Biosphere: Biomes, Ecosystems, Habitats, Feeding Relationships, Biological Interactions and More!

The packet is included in the Biology BUNDLE (see details below).

Biology Unit: Biomes, habitats, ecosystem, biological interactions, feeding relationships (70 pages)


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Biology BUNDLE of 5 (Details & lots of pictures at this Biology BUNDLE page.)

$28.99 Biology BUNDLE of 5: 1) Biology Unit (Biomes, habitats, food chains/webs, feeding relationships) 2)  Scientific Classification & Taxonomy Packet 3) Ocean Unit & Layers of the Ocean/Ocean Zone Activities 4) Cells Unit 5) Botany Unit

Biology Bundle of 5

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Cells Unit – cell theory, prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells, animal vs. plant cells, organelles of the cell, the layers of a leaf, photosynthesis and more. It even includes a “Build a Cell” Game!

Cell Unit -- Plants vs Animal Cells -- Eurkaryotic vs Prokaryotic Cells OrganellesCell Unit Worksheets

Plant Cells WorksheetsCell Biology - Organelles of the Cell worksheets activitiesBotany Packet Plant Classification, Life Cycle of the Moss, Fern, Conifer, Angiosperms, Parts of a Flower, Parts of a Seed, Seed & Fruit Development, Monocots vs Dicots – plus Carnivorous Plants Mini-Unit:

Botany Unit - Parts of a Flower Parts of a Seed Carnivorous PlantsBotany Unit - Worksheets and Notebook Pages - Plant Kingdom Moss Ferns conifers angiosperms

Monocots or Dicots ActivityPlant Classification Worksheets - Ferns Mosses Conifers Plant life cycles

Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Packet:

Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Unit - Packet 60+pages

In this unit, we started off by talking about why we classify things. We learned about the dichotomous key and did a number of activities to understand how they work. We talked about why classification is useful and how we can do that in a way that is organized and logical.

Scientific Classification- Dichotomous Key ActivitiesThen we went into more detail about the history of classification.  Scientists have been grouping and categorizing different species for most of human history. In the past 300 years or so, scientists have worked on developing a logical, organized system for classifying the species around us.

All living organisms are classified by their characteristics. We keep adding to and adjusting the classification system as new evidence become available through DNA research and molecular studies! We talked about Linnaeus and his contributions to the classification of animals and his system of naming organisms (binomial nomenclature).

History Scientific Classification - Linnaeus Notebook PagesWe talked about the current system of classification and by the end of the unit, the kids were readily able to identify the types of organisms that have been classified as Bryozoa, Platyhelminthes, Porifora and other phyla in the Animalia Kingdom.

Taxonomy-Scientific Classification-ActivitiesWe did a number of hands-on activities studying and observing various species and even did some simple dissections at the end of the unit.

Biology Bundle includes the Biology Unit (Biomes, food chains, etc) plus the Scientific Classification & Taxonomy Unit and the Ocean Unit…

Ocean Unit:

This unit is a study of the hydrosphere — Earth’s oceans, tides, marine life (including bioluminescent critters, and more!)

Ocean-Unit-100 Pages Marine-Habitats-Ocean-Currents-Tides-Bioluminescence

In our ocean studies we explored

  • Marine Habitats
  • Coral Reefs
  • Tide Pools
  • Water Form Words (bay, estuary, lagoon, fjord, etc.)
  • Features of the Ocean Floor (trench, seamount, guyot, etc.)
  • Ocean Navigation (early navigation with astrolabes & the constellations, modern SONAR)
  • Tides (and the Phases of the Moon)
  • Salinity
  • Ocean Currents (Surface & Deep Sea Currents)
  • Ocean Life:
    • Special Body Features
    • Fish Body Shape and Movement
    • Biological Interactions: Mutualism and Commensalism in the Ocean
    • Deep Sea Life – Bioluminescence, Anglerfish

We also talked about the ocean zones and different layers of the ocean again (which we covered three or four years ago).

Ocean worksheets marine habitats ocean features and moreMarine-Habitat-Worksheets-CardsCorals and Coral Reefs Worksheets - Notebook Pages and Lapbook ActivityTide Pools WorksheetsOcean Unit - Water Form Words Worksheet

Features-of-the-Ocean-Floor-WorksheetsOcean Zones - Layers of the Ocean ActivityFish-Body-Shape-Features-WorksheetsBioluminescence-WorksheetsOcean Unit - Marine Habitats Coral Reefs Tide Pools Tides Currents Ocean Zones Bioluminescence Worksheets and more

Another Biology BUNDLE option is this one:

$18.00 Biology BUNDLE of 3: 1) Biology Unit (Biomes, habitats, food chains/webs, feeding relationships) 2)  Scientific Classification & Taxonomy Packet 3) Ocean Unit & Layers of the Ocean/Ocean Zone Activities

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You might also be interested in some of our other packets and printables. Visit  Our Store for more details.:

Earth Science Unit: In this unit we covered the solar system, the layers of the Earth, plate tectonics, the ring of fire, earthquake activity and volcanoes. It is now well over 100 pages (New materials were recently added!)

Earth-Science-Packet 150 page - worksheets hands-on activities and more

or the new Earth Science BUNDLE

Earth Science BUNDLE

Simple Machines Packet This packet include our hands on activities on levers,  wedges and more.

Simple Machines Unit - Worksheets Lapbook Activities Simple Machines - Levers Inclined plane wedge pulley screw wheel and axle simple machines at a construction site worksheetsHuman Body BUNDLE

Human Body BUNDLE OPTION 1: Human Body Systems, Skeletal System Packet, Digestive System, Circulatory System Unit, Muscular System Packet, Nervous System Packet, Reproductive System Worksheets (Does not include the Study of Cells Unit.)

Human Body BUNDLE OPTION 2: Human Body Systems, A Study of Cells Unit, Skeletal System Packet, Digestive System, Circulatory System Unit,  Muscular System Packet, Nervous System Packet, Reproductive System Worksheets (We often talked about cells as we started our Human Body Units… then went on to talk about human body cells, tissues, organs & systems… and then would move on to a different body system each year. Generally as homeschoolers, we covered just one or two major body systems each year before moving on to another science topic.)

Human Body Systems BUNDLE

Digestive System Unit – This packet includes hands on activities about digestion, the length of the digestive tract and more

igestive-System-WorksheetsDigestive System Flap BookDigestive System Worksheet

Human Body System Worksheets


Skeleton System Worksheets 


Rock and Minerals Worksheets – Worksheets plus our hands on activities on the three types of rocks


Native American Indians Worksheets 


Civil Rights Worksheets

Key Events of the Civil Rights Movement

Grammar Worksheets – Its/It’s Their/They’re/There; Comma Rules



Cells Worksheet Packet: Cell Theory, Eurkaryotic vs. Prokaryotic Cells, Cell Organelles, Animal vs. Plant Cells and More


New “Build a Cell” Game added recently!Cell Unit Worksheets Notebook Pages and Game

Cell Packet - Cell Unit Homeschool Curriculum

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