Just a little story about our week… The girls and I had a good week, but my son has been quite sick (again, poor guy). And, our poor house hasn’t been doing well either. Last Thanksgiving, our fridge started going crazy – continuously beeping and slowly losing its cool, so to speak! The freezer compartment went out first, then the fridge compartment went out. Then it would work again for a few days, then it would go back out. We had fridge repair teams in multiple times between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The *entire* Christmas week, we had absolutely no fridge at all (used coolers out on the porch for holiday cooking!!) because they had ordered in the wrong parts, etc. etc. The day after Christmas our fridge was fixed. Until Valentine’s Day. Then it died. We had a repairman in yesterday… But, it is officially dead. Sigh… Now we’re living out of coolers again.

fridgeThe past few days it’s been lovely out… which has been wonderful. Except that only today did we realize that the furnace is out. Dead. Sigh… and it’s a holiday weekend with weather expected to be in the 30s! We think it’s just a flame sensor… not a big deal to replace, but we won’t be able to get it fixed until after the holiday weekend! We just stocked up on lost of firewood for our wood stove. I guess it’ll be like an adventurous camping weekend, right?!! Haha! I hope your week went well! ~Liesl


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