Dragon Math Packet – Addition Games & Worksheets

My kids have always loved playing games to practice their math and learn their math facts. They would beg to play “just one more round” when it was a math board game!  Today I have a really cute set of math printables for practicing those tricky addition facts!

The 50-page Dragon Math Packet is for ages 4-6.

This set has 13 different math board games. These include doubling games and various addition games (adding on 2, adding on 3, etc.). Plus there are a couple of games for practicing some of the tricky problems (such as 6+7 and 8+6).

math board games addition doublingIt also includes about 15 practice worksheets as well as some “spin and solve worksheets.”

addition subtraction worksheetsFinally, there are some skip counting cards and practice sheets for learning the 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.

Skip Counting 2s 3s 5s 10sThe Dragon Math Packet is about 50 pages.

Bundle Option: I have added this new packet to the Addition Bundle (see details below) or you can purchase it individually below.  (If you purchased the Addition Bundle previously, look for an email from SendOwl with the link to download this new packet!)

Dragon Math Packet (Only, not the bundle)


Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link from SendOwl (the service I use).

Addition Games for Math

Addition Bundle ($5.50) includes 9 pdf files, over 250 pages:

Addition Worksheets

1.  the Pirate Pack which includes 65 pages of math activities

2.  Place Value printables

3. Pet Pack addition worksheets and games

4. Fact Family Packet

5. Dragon Math Packet (Addition, Subtraction worksheets & games)

6. Winter-Themed Math Packet: Addition/Subtraction Activities

7. Seasonal Math Games: Valentine’s Day

8. Seasonal Math Games: St. Patrick’s Day Subtraction Games – Easy, Challenging Games

9. Seasonal Math Activities: Easter – Jelly Bean Activities

(Click on the links above to go to the post for more details or scroll below for pictures.)

Addition Bundle (9 pdf files… and growing!): Pirate Packet, Place Value Activities, Pet Pack and Math Fact Family, Seasonal Games and Worksheets


Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link from SendOwl (the service I use).

Here’s more about what is included in the Math Addition Bundle:

Pirate Pack The Pirate Math Pack is over 65 pages! Activities in the Pirate Pack include

  • Hands-on math activity ideas (what we did when we had math time together)
  • Month and Days of the Week Cards
  • Pirate Clocks – Match the analog clock with the digital clock
  • Make 5 and Make 10 playing cards
  • A doubling game board and game cards (1+1, 2+2… 8+8, 9+9)
  • Doubling Bump Game
  • Doubling +1 game board and game cards (1+2, 2+3… 7+8, 8+9)
  • Doubling +1 Bump Game
  • Math practice worksheets
  • Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen math fact cards and sorting mat
  • Skip Counting by 5s tracing sheets

Pirate-Math-Packet-Games-Worksheets-MathCards-Activity-Ideas Pirate-Clocks-Analog-Digital-Practice-Matching-CardsPlace Value printablesPlace Value Printables

Pet Pack addition worksheets and gamesAddition Subtraction Pet-Themed WorksheetsPet-Pack-Addition-Subtraction-Worksheets

Addition-Subtraction-GameFact Family Packet (games and activities)

When my kids were learning their addition facts, they played a lot of games in addition to working in their math workbooks and other activities.

After my kids learned all of their doubles 1+1 through 9+9 and knew what comes after (ie. +1) and what comes before (-1) well, we started working with various fact families.

We did not go through every single Fact Family… so don’t feel like you have to have your kids play every single game and fill out every worksheet in this packet! Just pick and choose some of them. Most importantly, it should be fun!

Leave them begging to play more (rather than pushing them until they want to stop!).

You might leave some of the games for when your kids are working on their subtraction facts. But, I wanted to make all the resources available so you can pick and choose!

Why learn the fact families? Knowing their number family facts helps a lot as kids start to work more in depth on their subtraction facts!

Fact Family Math Games Addition WorksheetsAddition 12s Math Family

Winter-Themed Math Packet

Winter Math Packet Addition Subtraction Activities Games

Valentines Math Games - WorksheetsSt. Patrick's Day Subtraction Game BoardsEaster - Jelly Bean Addition Subtraction Activities

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