Creating Your Homeschool Curriculum Grade 4-5 — Free Resource Guide

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  1. Tyana says:

    Hope i enjoy this an it helps me

  2. Lori says:

    Thank you for these helpful guides!! Looking forward to the Grades 6-8 one! 🙂

    • homeschooldenadmin says:

      You’re welcome, Lori! The middle school one will be a work-in-progress since my oldest is now in 8th. Invariably, my other two have very different experiences as they come up through those same grades!! And, I’m sure I’ll also add to this Gr 4-5 Resource Guide as my youngest goes through these grades (She’s now in 3rd grade.) ~Liesl

  3. Winona says:

    I could use this for 7th grade. I never know if I’m doing things right.

    • homeschooldenadmin says:

      Hi Winona,
      I have the 6-8 Curriculum Resource Guide partly done, but I have to admit it has been taking me quite a while to share it because my girls are still in (or heading into) middle school. 🙂 I know what I did with my son, but I also know that will be a pretty different journey from what my girls are/will do! Just as every family’s homeschool journey is different, I’ve found that each of my kids have a different homeschool experience as well!! But back to the guide… it is on my to-do list. I hope to get it done soon! ~Liesl

  4. homeschooldenadmin says:

    I wanted everyone to know that the 6-8 Curriculum Guide has been published. You’ll find it FREE to download here: Creating Your Homeschool Curriculum, Grade 6-8 – Free Resource Guide —

    Another helpful page is the New to Our Blog Page which has links to our free homeschool planners, all of the free Creating your Homeschool Curriculum Guides and more!


  5. Christine Chambers says:

    I’m from England and am struggling to understand the grading over their, my kids are 9-11 and 15, what grade would i need to be using

    • Hi Christine, Sorry about that! 🙂
      Kindergarten – Grade 1 are ages 5-7 or so
      Grades 2-3 are ages 7-9
      Grades 4-5 are ages 9-11
      Grades 6-8 are ages 11-14 or so
      Grades 9-12 are high school (here in the U.S.) ages 14-18

      Hope that helps! 🙂 ~Liesl

  6. tamala Hensley says:

    how much would it cost to home school 5th 6th and a 8th grader

    • Hi Tamala,

      It depends so much! It depends on your homeschool style, how much you use the library, how much you create/pull together your own units or whether you purchase a curriculum (or texts or books).

      Homeschool curriculum or programs also very widely in price. Some programs are very expensive, some people do units and just purchase things as they need them.

      Some people join co-ops or take outside classes which can cost from under $100/semester to over $1,000 a year!

      It also depends on what other activities your kids are interested in. Just like sports costs can add up, some students will want to study a musical instrument, art or do other outside activities that can add up. For example, by this age (5th, 6th, 8th) we also added in a foreign language. I was able to teach the kids German myself, but then my girls have added in Spanish too (which I don’t speak) with Sra. Morato — and, of course, a class like this would add another expense.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more definitive for you! I think if you were to ask 10 different homeschool families, you would get 10 completely different answers!! ~Liesl

  7. Juanita Carmichael says:

    I am homeschooling my 12 year old son,

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