Free Earth Science Packet on the Layers of the Atmosphere (19 pages)

Since I am sharing many of our Earth Science activities this fall, I thought I’d mention this packet I made for the kids last year when we talked about the Weather and Water.


This packet introduced kids to some of the basics about Earth’s atmosphere.  We started with a review of Earth’s four systems: the geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere and then spent quite a bit of time talking about the different layers of the atmosphere (the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere).

We did a number of hands-on activities about air and air pressure. See this post: Weather Unit: Experiments about Air

It took us a few days to go through the first pages of the packet.  Then after we talked about the four layers of the atmosphere, we watched the BBC Program: Power of the Planet, Atmosphere


and the kids all put together their own layers of the atmosphere (which is in the packet):


Below is a screen shot of the packet of materials for the kids.  I included some of the general notes and activity ideas I am using with the kids. The packet is 19 pages. I included a couple of the pages in different formats so you could use them as needed in your homeschool or classroom. It is free to download:

Earth Science Packet- Earth’s Atmosphere


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Be sure to check out our 100+ page Earth Science packet (see this post for more details or purchase below):

  • Learn how to make a earthquake shake table, hands-on activities to learn about tectonic plate movement, more than a dozen hands-on activities
  • Topics include: Solar System, Layers of the Earth, Earth’s Axis and the Seasons, Latitude and Longitude, Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Earthquake Waves, Volcanoes, 4 Types of Mountains and more!!

The Earth Science Packet is $7.99.

Purchase the Earth Science Packet

Cost: $7.99

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This packet contains all of our hands-on earth science activity ideas as well!


Faults Earthquake Waves Worksheets

Volcano Worksheets and Notebook Pages


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