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Today I’m going to share some free weather worksheets I made for the kids.  This is for our study of the weather: the uneven heating of the Earth and how that affects our weather, fronts, and more!

Yesterday, I shared some of the science experiments we did about air. We learned that air has weight, hot air rises and more.  We are using a science textbook as the spine of this unit. These were the pages I made for the kids’ science notebooks. You can download them free by clicking on the link below. Some of the topics we studied included

  • meteorology,
  • air masses,
  • air pressure,
  • weather fronts
  • clouds,
  • wind

Weather Packet: Notebook Pages and Hands-on Activity Ideas

Our Cloud Log pages are also included


If you are looking for books about the weather or books with hands-on activity ideas for early elementary, here are a few that we enjoyed:

Eric Sloane’s Weather Book (affiliate link)- This book was highly recommended to us by some other homeschoolers we know. It’s really well written. It has some fascinating information and is really good for upper elementary and middle school.  It touches on topics such as air (what it is comprised of), air has weight, isobars, fronts and masses, warm and cold fronts and more!

Weather-Book for kidsWe will be using a new book (published in 2017) called Weather 101 (affiliate link) when we do this unit again.  (My kids are now 9, 12, 14.)  I’ll let you know how it is!

Weather Book for middle schoolDK Eyewitness Weather Books: Weather Like all of the DK books, this one has beautiful photos. This is written on a basic level for kids (elementary age)

Weather-Book-DKWeather! (affiliate link) is written by a homeschooling mom, Rebecca Rupp:

Weather-ActivitiesJanice VanCleave’s Weather: (affiliate link) We have used many of Janice VanCleave’s books. She always has lots of creative, hands-on ideas:

weather-van-cleaveWe also got a lot of books about the weather out of the library… books about meteorology, clouds, tornadoes, etc. 🙂  The library is our best friend!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. 

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Natural Disasters Worksheets


Be sure to check out our other packets:

50 page Earth Science packet:

  • Learn how to make a earthquake shake table, hands-on activities to learn about tectonic plate movement, more than a dozen hands-on activities
  • Topics include: Solar System, Layers of the Earth, Earth’s Axis and the Seasons, Latitude and Longitude, Pangaea, Plate Tectonics, convection currents, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, 4 Types of Mountains
  • (P.S. This file has been updated and now has over 100 pages of materials!)

EarthSciencePacket-50pagesEarth Science Worksheets

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A Study of Cells Worksheet Packet: Cell Theory, Eurkaryotic vs. Prokaryotic Cells, Cell Organelles, Animal vs. Plant Cells and More


Biology Packet – The Biosphere

We talked a lot about the abiotic factors that make up an ecosystem (anything that is not living — climate, soil, weather, etc.), as well as touching on dominant plants and animals.  We spent time on feeding relationships and biological interactions. So, we went over the basic terms like herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, detritivores. And, we also talked a lot about the more complex biological interactions — from mutualism,when two species interact and both get something positive out of the interaction, to various forms of amensalism – when one organism benefits and the other is harmed and/or destroyed like parasitism, competition and antibiosis. We talked about the food chain and food webs as well as the difference between habitats, ecosystems, and biomes.

Biology Packet-The BiosphereOcean Unit

After our Biology/Biosphere Unit, we went on to study the hydrosphere — ie. the ocean. Find out more about our ocean unit here:


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  1. May 13, 2014

    […] we will share the notebook pages I made for the kids for this portion of our unit. The Weather Packet will be free to download. We have some experiments we have yet to do relating to air pressure.  We hope to get to those in […]

  2. May 13, 2014

    […] we will share the notebook pages I made for the kids for this portion of our unit. The Weather Packet will be free to download. We have some experiments we have yet to do relating to air pressure.  We hope to get to those in […]

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