Metamorphic Rock Activities

We brought the rock portion of our unit to a close with a look at metamorphic rocks.  The kids had a tough time deciding which rock sample was marble and which was quartzite.



We also did the melted-crayon version to show how metamorphic rocks form under heat and pressure. Okay, so really we just made rainbow crayons, but the kids *said* they understood how the rocks can change because of the heat!

MetamorphicRockCrayons We’re still reading through our Real Science 4 Kids geology textbook and will be doing a couple of activities about crystals and minerals next.

One book that talks specifically about metamorphic rocks is Baking and Crushing. It is recommended for grades 1-3. That goes right along with our baked metamorphic rock activities here with crayons and here with cake and core sampling that we did a while back!



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