Theme Time: Farms

I needed to do something a bit different for my two and four-year olds, so I’ve decided to set up a theme collection each morning. It’ll help me rotate in some of the preschool games and toys  we have and to bring a new selection of books out. And, while the workboxes work well, by having a display out on the craft table, ED (age 2) is much more drawn to that area. The benefit of that is that I don’t have to be as worried that she is getting into the other kids’ work.

So, our first theme was farms. I pulled out an egg puzzle; farm puzzle, a number of books (including The Three Little Pigs) and made a little felt board activity (I’m not a great artist, but the kids had fun with it!).  DD was anxious to reenact the story herself and made several different versions of the story (where wolf was the ‘good guy’ etc.)

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