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Properties of Matter – Interactive Notebook Activity

I have just updated the Properties of Matter Chemistry Packet to include a new interactive notebook activity and chemistry review worksheet on pages 92 to 102 of the packet. The Properties of Matter packet covers topics such as elements and compounds, mixtures, physical and chemical properties, molecular vs. structural formulas and includes hands-on activities on some of these properties (viscosity, cohesion, capillary action, and density). We are going spend a...

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Properties of Matter Worksheets and Activities

We are starting off the year with this middle school chemistry unit on the physical and chemical properties of matter. I have done an extensive update to the original Properties of Matter Packet, adding in dozens of pages of materials! This packet is well over 50 pages and includes various hands-on activities and all the teacher-notes/answer pages (bringing it closer to 100 pages in all!) Note: If you ordered the...