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Telling Time: Games, Worksheets and More

When I shared the free skip-counting pages a little while back, I mentioned that ED has been working a lot on clocks.  I thought I’d share some of the clock-type activities we use in our homeschool. I made ED a packet of time sheets from the Teacher’s Corner:  Time Worksheet Generator.  You can create worksheets that suit your child’s needs. You can create worksheets to the hour, half-hour, quarter hour,...

Math: Telling Time Games; Working with Measurements 0

Math: Telling Time Games; Working with Measurements

My kids and I have been playing a lot of “Time Bingo” lately. It has kids recognize the time at five minute intervals.  I love the fact that all the clock faces on the bingo cards are different.  We got this as a Christmas give from Grams and Gramps, but I see on Amazon that it’s pretty reasonable in price (currently $4.00). Just to make sure the kids knew what...