Math: Telling Time Games; Working with Measurements

My kids and I have been playing a lot of “Time Bingo” lately. It has kids recognize the time at five minute intervals.  I love the fact that all the clock faces on the bingo cards are different.  We got this as a Christmas give from Grams and Gramps, but I see on Amazon that it’s pretty reasonable in price (currently $4.00).

Just to make sure the kids knew what time they were looking for I had them first show the correct time on our learning clock.  Here’s another  picture of the game in action:

One online game my kids have really enjoyed is Stop the Clock! You have to drag the digital time to the correct slot above the five clocks.

Here’s a picture of Stop the Clock — Level 1 — learning time to the half hour and hour

Stop the Clock — Level 2 — fifteen minute intervals

Stop the Clock — Level 3 — five minute intervals

Stop the Clock — Level 4 — to the minute

Stop the Clock — Level 5 — military time (such as 18:19)




Measurement Conversions – Inches, Feet, Yards

LD has been working on converting from inches to yards or yards to feet, etc. He needs a bit more practice and so I made up another math sheet and I’ll share that here for anyone who might be interested:

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