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A Study of China 1

A Study of China

LD worked very hard to put together a book on China. We have a new binding gadget and have moved awayfrom lapbooking and instead are putting pages togetherwith a comb binder. He did some sand writing (China andthe GreatWall using glue/colored sand). He did somelapbook elements (the capital of China, the flagand thingslike that). He did some Chinese writing(with the answersfolded up on the left). We read some interesting storiesfrom...

Our Homeschool Corner of the Living Room 0

Our Homeschool Corner of the Living Room

These are some older pictures of our homeschooling corner.You can see this is before we put labels on the boxes. Wedon’t have much room in the living room/dining room area,but this is just perfect!! Then pictured below is the hard filebox holder. These pictures were taken several months ago.  Now we usesubject labels on the outside of each drawer (more details below).

Workbox Organization 0

Workbox Organization

WELCOME EVERYONE! This blog will be our public forum for sharing ourhomeschooling journey. Our family happenings will stillcontinue at the old site. We hope you enjoy our postings. From here on out the family members will be referred to as:MD — Mommy DingoFD — Daddy (Father) DingoLD — 6 year old boy DingoDD — 4 year old girl DingoED — 19 monh old girl Dingo This year is off to...

More on Workbox Organization 0

More on Workbox Organization

Here are a few other things we do to keep our homeschoolingthings organized. I have a file box with our activities/ideaslisted on them. I also have a spread sheet (I’ll post a picturebelow) with math activities, preschool activities and so forth. I have hard-shelled file boxes that contain some of our workboxmaterials (especially math materials, phonics letters and thingslike that). They get placed in an upright file holder (again,I’ll post...

Workbox Organization — Idea Grid Sheet 0

Workbox Organization — Idea Grid Sheet

I’ve found it really useful having these grids with the variousideas I’ve come across listed on one sheet. Below I’ve picturedmy tables for preschool and math. I typed up the math ideassheet and have posted those below in two parts.

MATH IDEAS PART I — addition, hundreds board, skip counting (roughly K-2): 0

MATH IDEAS PART I — addition, hundreds board, skip counting (roughly K-2):

MATH IDEAS PART I — addition, hundreds board, skip counting (roughly K-2): With the beginning of the new school year, I worked a lot to become more organized.  Perhaps someone out there can benefit from my master math list. GENERAL MATH SITES: (I used these a lot for Kindergarten Math) http://www.littlegiraffes.com/math.html http://www.jmeacham.com/ http://www.thevirtualvine.com/math.html NUMBER GAMES from this website: http://www.mathwire.com/games/numbergames.html ADDITION: Addition Math War — a card game. The person with...

MATH IDEAS PART II: (Time, Place Value, Money Activities, Multiplication) 0

MATH IDEAS PART II: (Time, Place Value, Money Activities, Multiplication)

MATH IDEAS PART II: (Time, Place Value, Money Activities, Multiplication) TIME: One activity we did quite a bit was to take a blank clock face (no numbers) and to practice putting the hours (1-12) around the edge of the clock in the correct spot. Once that was easy for my son, we took a clock with the numerals and then put the five minute increments around the edge of the...

Welcome to Our New Blog 2

Welcome to Our New Blog

Hi! Welcome to our new homeschool blog. I’ll leave these first few pictures here for the firstmonth or so — scroll on down to see if we’veadded anything new. I thought I’d first post a couple of picturesfrom our area of the world. Pictured belowis a Ghost Gum Tree.  We drive off road alot and go hiking, looking for rocks andkangaroo bones (one of LD’s favoriteactivities!)


Rock Wallabies

Here we are feeding the wallabies. If you look closely, you can see a little joey poking its head out of the Mama Wallaby’s pouch. Every now and then we’ll post more pictures of our area — but not today! Now on to some of our homeschool activities!