Apple Activities — 3

We’ve never melted crayons before and I read somewhere
that someone had melted the crayons and then used cookie
cutters to cut them into shapes. “Wow,” I thought, “I
can use those cute fall cookie cutters we have.”

Well, we used very cheap crayons (we had boxes left over
from a large function) and it looked plain weird. The
wax separated out and it looked muddy orangish-brown.
I just left the pan to cool. Only later did I see that the
colors were on the bottom (and we probably could
have cut them out).

Anyway, we tried melting crayons again with Crayola
brand crayons (but I didn’t have as many on hand. It
did work, but we only made a very thin crayon shape
so they cracked very easily. Someday we might try again!

At least it was an interesting science project with those
cheap crayons, right??

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