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Halloween Party Games!

Each year, I organize a huge Halloween Party in our community. We have lots and lots of Halloween Party Games for the kids. The kids all have lots of fun!! I wanted to share some of the games that we play at our party. I made a document of all these games and shared them as a free download. You’ll find that at the end. We made a lot of...


Monster-Themed Addition Packet

Can you believe how soon Halloween will be here?  I’ve been trying to come up with some fun, interactive math activities for ED.  I loved the idea I saw out on Pinterest back in the summer where someone used googly eyes as manipulatives for addition practice. I drew our own little monster and made ED a packet with some flashcards and addition pages. She is learning very simple addition.  ...


Homemade Candy Corn Recipe

When we lived in Australia, we couldn’t buy candy corn. I looked around for a recipe and found something online that has worked well. Now it’s become our family tradition to make our own candy corn each fall! Here’s how we made it: We put these 3 ingredients in a saucepan: 1/2 cup sugar 1/3 cup corn syrup 2 1/2 Tablespoons butter As soon as I turned the stove on...


Counting Halloween Kitties

ED is really enjoying those color in the bar-graph activities… so here are a few more, this time with Halloween kitties. I have them in her workbox and she can work on them when she’s interested (often when the other two are working on their math). I’m really enjoying the computer drawing pad! 🙂 If you’re interested in these sheets you can download the Counting Halloween Kitties If you missed...

Skeleton Math Riddle (by division, multiplication, addition or numbers) 0

Skeleton Math Riddle (by division, multiplication, addition or numbers)

I made up a quick Halloween math riddle sheet for the kids’ math work this week.  Solve the division problem, find the answer above and write the letter into the box. I also made this for simple multiplication, addition and numbers since I have younger kids as well. If you celebrate Halloween and want to print this off for your kids feel free. Here’s the link: Skeleton Math Riddle (All...


Suffering With Cold — oops I mean… Halloween Math Sheets (PreK or K)

Because we’re so busy, I often blog a week or so in advance — then shuffle things around as seems appropriate.  But in a way that’s bad because then I feel like I can’t just chit-chat about our homeschooling because there’s a post with a particular theme… hardly fitting for bantering about bad homeschool days or the house-stuff that hasn’t gotten done. So… I’m going to interrupt my own post...


Halloween Festivities

I organized the Halloween Party this year.  We had quite a lot of games and I think everyone had a great time. The youth organized a haunted room and another adult set up a spooky cake walk with black lights and so forth which was a huge, huge hit! The kids also loved the skeleton scavenger hunt where teams competed to find the various parts of the skeleton (we took...

Easter Logic Puzzle and Bunny Hundreds Place Value Grid 2

Easter Logic Puzzle and Bunny Hundreds Place Value Grid

It’s probably too late to be of use to anyone else, but I stillthought I’d share these puzzles that I made for my kids(4 and 6). If you look at the left sheet above, you see there are twogrids. After looking at the two puzzles, the kids have toplace all 9 pieces on the blank grid to make ONE puzzle. I also made an answer key (for each of the...


Making Candy Corn

We all LOVED making and eating candy corn today. It is not sold here where we live.  We visited for instructions. It was easy, the kids enjoyed helping me and LD was impressed. “Wow Mom! YOU knew how to make real candy!!!” We halved the recipe which made more than plenty. As you can see, I added baking chocolate to make brown candy corn. Also, I made pumpkin balls...

Decorative Skulls 0

Decorative Skulls

This morning LD and I decorated skulls. I got this ideafrom First, he traced the outlineof a skull from a skeleton puzzle we have. Then he drewthe eyes, nose and mouth. We decorated it symmetricallyand cut it out. Then we put it up on our front door. Ourback-drop paintings are from the paint popping activity we dida few weeks ago.

Jack-o-Lantern Math 0

Jack-o-Lantern Math

We have little jack-o-lanterns and some Halloween-themedbeads that we’ve used for math in various ways. Today, DDhad to choose four cards, count out that number of beadsand put them into the jack-o-lantern. It helps with one-to-one correspondence. For LD I’ve used these same items for addition and skipcounting practice (basic mulitiplication groupings). ED just likes to put the beads into the jack-o-lantern whichI let her do if I can sit...