Easter Logic Puzzle and Bunny Hundreds Place Value Grid

It’s probably too late to be of use to anyone else, but I still
thought I’d share these puzzles that I made for my kids
(4 and 6).

If you look at the left sheet above, you see there are two
grids. After looking at the two puzzles, the kids have to
place all 9 pieces on the blank grid to make ONE puzzle.

I also made an answer key (for each of the four puzzles)
so the kids can check the answers for themselves. (There’s
no picture of the answer key here.)

The links to these are on the right side bar. I also did a
Halloween themed set of puzzles that turned out considerably
better than these did. Guess you learn lots as you go! Anyway,
I thought I’d upload them and share them now lest the files get
lost (or I forget) after the move.

Below are some place value cards. I made a bunnies
hundreds chart. Then I printed out a bunch of copies
(turning the paper around in the printer) and cut some
of them up to make the 10s and 1s. We use this to practice
making numbers such as 375 (3 hundreds, 7 tens, 5 units)
or whatever. We also use that for double and triple digit
addition so LD can “see” the problems.

For the smaller bunnies (on the left side of the photo), I
chose the “multiple pages per copy” function on my printer
and turned the paper around/over to print them on the
same page.

Hope someone finds these of use (at least next year!!).
Again, the link for the download is on the right sidebar.

By the way, filefolderfun.com has a pretty Easter Egg
matching game that my four year old liked (though she thought it was “easy-peasy”!!).

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  1. Sudoku for Preschoolers I love it!

  2. Sudoku for Preschoolers I love it!

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