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Games: Pop-Arty Beads 2

Games: Pop-Arty Beads

I often get asked how I keep my 4-year old engaged while I’m working with my older kids.  Last year ED loved doing Perler Beads. She would spend 30-60 minutes at a time working on those.  This year we added in something new that has brought endless hours of sorting and creativity… Pop-Arty Beads. It is wonderful for small motor skills, sorting and just for fun in general!  The beads are...

Zoologic 0

Games for Thinking and Learning: Zoologic

Sorry, I had to bump this post back a day because I wanted to honor the mission team from the Mars Exploration Program – and talk about how we (the public) have benefited from the technology spinoffs we derived from the space program. Now on to logic games! This is a series about some of logic and critical thinking games we include in our homeschool. You can see the first...


Games for Thinking and Learning: Acuity and Clever Castle

Wednesday’s Games: Last year I wrote a post about how we added in some critical thinking activities into our homeschool. This year I’ve made a special point to add in some logic and thinking games into our week as well.  This is a series about some of games we include in our homeschool. We have a table that serves as our games table (the table with the red and white...