Games for Thinking and Learning: Zoologic

Sorry, I had to bump this post back a day because I wanted to honor the mission team from the Mars Exploration Program – and talk about how we (the public) have benefited from the technology spinoffs we derived from the space program. Now on to logic games!

This is a series about some of logic and critical thinking games we include in our homeschool. You can see the first post about here that explains why we include games in our homeschool. Last week I highlighted Acuity and Clever Castle.

My sister passed along another thinking game to us last summer. It’s called Zoologic. DD (age 6) has been the one most drawn to this game. ED hasn’t quite had the patience for it.


Players have to determine where to put the animals (dog, cat and mouse) and food (bone, fish and cheese) while adhering to the rules:

  • A dog cannot be placed next to a bone or a cat
  • A cat cannot be placed next to a dog, a fish or a mouse
  • A mouse cannot be placed next to a cheese or a cat

As the game progresses new obstacles are introduced such as hungry ants or an angry bull.

  • Animals cannot go on top of an angry bull.
  • Food cannot be placed on top of ants.


LD quickly joined in on the fun!


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