Games: Pop-Arty Beads

I often get asked how I keep my 4-year old engaged while I’m working with my older kids.  Last year ED loved doing Perler Beads. She would spend 30-60 minutes at a time working on those.  This year we added in something new that has brought endless hours of sorting and creativity… Pop-Arty Beads. It is wonderful for small motor skills, sorting and just for fun in general!  The beads are eye-catching and come in a huge assortment of shapes and colors.  I bought it on a whim this summer (I think they were about $17.50 at Target) and have been floored at how much fun all three of my kids have had. They pop them together to make jewelry, sort them and spend lots of time being creative with them. They turn the beads into flowers, bugs, snakes, corrals and more.

Pop BeadsI have the feeling that the kids would have enjoyed these at a younger age too, but even at 4, 6 and 9 they’ve sure had hours of fun!


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  1. Oh they look like fun, my little girls would like them.

  2. Oh they look like fun, my little girls would like them.

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