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A New Felt Board

Yesterday (well, late last night, actually!) I made a new feltboard. DD got up and played with it right away. It’s greatwhen something relatively easy is such a big hit. I give moredetails about how I made it in the following posts.


Making a Felt Board

We just got home from Sydney and Canberra (I posted afew pictures below and will post more later this week), butI had a bee in my bonnet and made a new felt boardlate last night! I scoured the internet for felt boards made by other people.This is what I decided upon. I bought a large piece of feltfrom a fabric store and two canvas panels for painting. Iput three holes...


Felt Board Play

Here are some ways the felt board can be used. You canuse it for free play (shapes), dress up play (like the bearin the last picture below, laminated pictures like thefairies you see below (just tape a piece of sandpaper on theback) and patches. I happened to have lots of patchesaround that I never used. They’re pretty and work wellon the felt board.  Someone else suggested using felt boardsfor letters...


Water Gun Filler

I saw this craft (I think on the Crafty Crow, butI’ll add the link later) and happened to mention thisto LD yesterday. First things this morning he wanted tomake it. Everyone got into the action.


Some Arts and Crafts Projects Last Week

DD did a couple of different masks while LD made a knight’shelmet out of paper mache. He came across this project in aScooby Doo magazine and begged to do it. “I’ll even get my handsdirty this time!” he told me.  (The first time we did a paper macheproject he didn’t want to get his hands dirty with the flour-glue.) Paper mache recipe:  mix 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup water. ...


Cardboard Tank

LD made this cardboard tank about a month ago. He wasvery excited by this project so I thought I’d share theinstruction link for others if you’re interested:


Art Appreciation

Most every week Mom puts up a new artist in our weeklycalendar. Below are pictures by Norman Rockwell andAlbert Bierstadt. We’ve also done some of the followingartists:Leonardo DaVinciMichelangeloRembrandtVan Gogh I usually post a self portrait of the artist and we talkbriefly about each picture (what they see, what they likeor don’t like about it) and leave it at that. I notice it doessink in as LD noticed a Van Gogh’s...