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Learning Letters:  Clothes Peg Activity (preschool) 6

Learning Letters: Clothes Peg Activity (preschool)

Back a couple of years ago Honey over at Sunflower Schoolhouse made a collection of clothes peg activities. I brought out this alphabet matching activity for ED last week. The plain letter matching was a bit too easy for her. Here’s the link to the Clothes Peg Alphabet, volume 1 (lower case letters)  (the link no longer works, sorry!) that you see in this first picture. Honey also made other...

Morning with ED 0

Morning with ED

ED and I always get up an hour or two before the others.  We cuddle up in front of the fire first thing and read books. We often do a craft to go along with it. I loved this picture because Crystal, the kitten, was so hands-on with this activity!! We’ve also been playing lots of games together in the morning; Uno is her current favorite (though we usually play...

Desert Unit (USA) 3

Desert Unit (USA)

This was a unit I thought would mostly be fore ED, but all the kids jumped excitedly into it!. My kids know very little about the American deserts of the southwest, though they could tell you heaps about the Australian desert (they were born in the Outback and we moved back to the US about a year and a half ago).  So we focused on features and animals of Texas,...

Making Globes 7

Making Globes

One of the Montessori materials we do not have is a sandpaper globe or a globe that shows just the 7 continents in their “proper” Montessori colors. That’s partly because we have a cute globe already (one that lights up and has various world animals on it). But for some reason we got a hankering to make our own globes. What better way to learn where the oceans are located...

ED’s 3 yr old preschool activities 10

ED’s 3 yr old preschool activities

We still start out our week with a scavenger hunt. This is a HUGE hit with all three of the kids.  This week it had to be down in the basement since it was raining outside.  As you can see, each child has his/her own set of cards to hunt down (letters for ED, addition for DD and multiplication for LD). As they find each card I have them run...


Sewing Ocean Animals

We haven’t done that much sewing here at the Homeschool Den, so when I saw these cute projects over at future girl‘s blog I thought they’d be perfect. The kids each chose their own project. I thought they turned out pretty cute! DD made the octopus. LD made the jellyfish. ED made the fish. DD and LD did the sewing completely on their own, although I threaded the embroidery thread...


Ocean Activities: School of Fish

Why do fish swim in schools? We cut up little pieces of tin foil and paper to be our fish. First we dropped in one.  It was easy to spot. Then we dropped in a whole lot of fish and tried to follow just one with our eyes. It was much harder to follow one in the midst of many others.  We talked about how there was safety in numbers....

Ocean Animals Math Game for Preschoolers 4

Ocean Animals Math Game for Preschoolers

I made a preschool math game for ED.  ED worked hard to cut out all the pictures.  In the picture to the left, she rolled a 10 and I rolled a 1.  We each chose that many ocean animals to put on our gameboard. Then ED spun the spinner and it came out “even.” I showed her how to make partners and that she had all partners, so she had...


Preschool Routine, Tuesdays

ED’s Tuesday Routine: So you heard yesterday that I’m planning to use biome/habitat themes with ED this fall. This is what I have planned in a general way for Tuesdays: Arts and Crafts (based on the theme) Montessori Math Beads; Math Activities Science Sorts (Long post and link to my 30-pages of notes, etc.!) Arts and Crafts The girls painted boxes to make a diorama. Now all this needs is...


Preschool Routine, Mondays

ED’s Monday Routine: The idea of planning all this is so that I can change up ED’s activities, keep them fresh, interesting with the minimum of thought on my part.  I expect to skip days, but then I’ll just pick up on the appropriate day and continue on.  The routine is (hopefully) to make it easier on me to keep things engaging for ED. Mailbox Letters and Scavenger Hunt Montessori...

Our Homeschool Room Setup 0

Our Homeschool Room Setup

I often enjoy having a glimpse at other people’s homeschool setups.  We had quite a small house over in Australia, but we are now blessed with this amazingly large, airy homeschool room. We have bright colorful workboxes. Each kid has their own row, but I do not fill them every day with new things. Instead their basic subjects get stored here (including the manipulatives, new games, activities and printouts).  It...


Preschool Activities: ED age 3 1/2, Introducing ‘routine’

Last week I set up the first few activities for ED.  I’ve been working to get the homeschool room setup to make it easier and more routine for me to setup each day/week for ED’s preschool.We’re easing into school — so none of these pictures will be too much of a surprise, but one thing I did last week was to re-introduce and reinforce the routine of putting out a...


Preschool Activity — Where do things come from?

Where do things come from cards. I also collected bits and pieces to add to the sorting activity (a cotton ball, a toy sheep and cow, thread, yarn, a wool hat, a piece of paper etc) These Montessori Cards come from Montessori for Everyone and are free at: