Join the Homeschool Classroom for Homeschool Parents!

Join the Homeschool Classroom for Homeschooling Parents! It just opened and is currently FREE to join!

Homeschool Classroom for Homeschool Parents - canvas classroom

For many years, we had a Homeschool Den Newsletter that went out every few weeks. I closed that down last summer. In the meantime, I have been building a new platform in Canvas where we can have actual discussions and chats! It is now open!! It is a more straight forward way to find some of our homeschool resources. 

Homeschooling is an amazing adventure full of ups and downs, wins and struggles. There are so many positive and wonderful times with the kids, but if you are like many other homeschoolers, it can also feel overwhelming and scary at times. The homeschool classroom will be a place where we can talk about the highs and lows of this homeschool journey! Plus, there will be lots of resources, ideas, and links to free worksheets you can take and use in your homeschool today!

I have just opened the new site called the Homeschool Classroom for Homeschool Parents. It is currently FREE to join (with no fees ever)!!! I have the basic structure done but will be building it out in the coming weeks/months! This is a classroom I created in Canvas.

Become a founding member of the Homeschool Classroom for Homeschool Parents!

Currently one-time fee of $9.99 $0.00 to join as a founding member!

Just follow the directions below!

Homeschool Classroom for Parents - Canvas ClassroomClick the link: Join the Homeschool Classrooom for Homeschooling Parents

  1. Select “I’m a Student” (because in this case you are a “student” in the Homeschool Classroom for Parents)
  2. Paste in the JOIN CODE: LBY4EL
  3. Put in your first name.
  4. Choose a User Name (Can be your email, but does not have to be). Remember your user name to log in later (see #7 below).
  5. Choose a Password.
  6. Email me if you have any questions or any trouble joining!
  7. REMEMBER THAT TO LOG IN LATER you will go to the site and enter your User Name in the box where it says email and then you will enter your password.

Homeschool Wellness Evaluation PacketOne of the first things you should do when you enter the classroom is to add in your email address in the Account area under Settings. That is how you can “subscribe” and get access to the latest posts and announcements. You will get notifications directly from our Homeschool Classroom.

For example, I just created a new discussion – Homeschool Wellness – Maintaining Balance in Our Lives. It is posted in the classroom. And, if you sign up for notifications with your email, that post and the (free) PDF would come directly to your email inbox, through the Canvas Platform.


Our Welcome Series and seasonal highlights have moved to the new Homeschool Classroom for Parents! It’s FREE to join! I hope you’ll join us!

  • Welcome Email #1
  • Welcome Email #2 – Planning
  • Welcome Email #3 – Freebies and Useful Resources
  • Welcome Email #4 – Keeping Motivated!
  • Welcome Email #5 – What About Monday Morning?!

Seasonal Suggestions These have links to some of our seasonal freebies and other resources and I am in the process of uploading them to our new Homeschool Classroom for Homeschool Parents! Check back soon! 😊

  • Spring Resources – posted!
  • Summer Resources (coming soon)
  • Fall Resources (coming soon)
  • Winter Resources (coming soon)
  • Math Freebies and Resources – posted!
  • Astronomy Freebies and Resources (coming soon)

Discussion Threads: Here are some of the discussion boards you can participate in!

Describe Your Homeschool: In this module, we can describe our homeschool, how our homeschools have changed, advice we have for new homeschoolers, how you balance your kids’ needs and things like that.

Homeschooling Discussion Area: In this area we can talk about various homeschool topics.  Let me list some of the other discussion topics in the works.

The intangible things you need to homeschool! Consistency and Perseverance Things beyond our control
Planning and Schedules Resistance to Schoolwork Routines!
The Importance of Play! Fatigue, Exhaustion, Stress or Burnout? Tackling the household chores
Science and Engineering Fun! This module highlights some engineering challenges and science experiments that can add some mystique, fun, excitement and/or engagement to your homeschool! I hope to add a new idea each week or so! And of course, we can’t wait to hear about your successes!
Music with the Kids: If there is interest I plan to post video music lessons to help kids learn the glockenspiel or recorder!
High School Related Module:  I added some suggestions for at-home SAT prep. I also shared information about the U.S. State Department Scholarships, where your student could spend a year studying overseas (by winning a fully-funded scholarship!)
I hope to see you in the Homeschool Classroom soon!

Homeschool Classroom - Welcome Sign

Happy Homeschooling!


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