Plant Cells and Photosynthesis Worksheets

Cell Unit Update!

This Cells Unit covers cell theory, prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells, animal vs. plant cells, the organelles of the cell, and now goes into more detail about chloroplast anatomy, the layers of a leaf, photosynthesis, and more.

Cell Unit - Plant and Animal Cell Worksheets and Activities

We just finished a big unit on plant cells and photosynthesis, studying everything from the organelles of plant cells to details about chloroplasts and the process of photosynthesis (light-dependent and light-independent reactions).

Plant Cell and Photosynthesis Worksheets

While we have studied cells before, I wound up basically creating a new packet because I had a number of new images I wanted to incorporate into this unit. I have just added nearly 50 pages of new material to the Cells Unit making it more than 150 pages!

Organelles of the Cell Worksheets

We started by talking about the organelles of the plant cell. These are similar to those found in animal cells, with a couple of exceptions.

  • Lysosomes are not commonly found in plant cells. Lysosomes are not needed in plant cells because they have cell walls that are tough enough to keep the large/foreign substances out of the cell.
  • Centrioles are absent from the cells of higher plants.

Organelles of Plant and Animal Cells WorksheetsThere are a number of different worksheets in this section – matching, fill-in-the-blank, cut-and-paste and blank worksheets.  My kids filled in the blank worksheet at the end of the unit and were proud of how much they had learned! 🙂

Photosynthesis Worksheets:

Including notebook pages on Chloroplasts, Light-Dependent Reaction, Light-Independent Reaction (Calvin Cycle), Transpiration, Stomata & Guard Cells

Photosynthesis Notebook Pages and Worksheets

We then went on to talk about the process of photosynthesis.

  • We talked about the parts of the chloroplasts.
  • Light-Dependent Phase of Photosynthesis
  • Light-Independent Phase or Calvin Cycle
  • Transpiration
  • Stomata (Stoma) & Guard Cells

The answers are provided for these notebook pages.

This new PDF of Plant Cells and Photosynthesis has been ADDED to the Cell Unit. There are now more than 150 pages in the Cells Unit.

Cell Packet - Cell Unit Homeschool CurriculumScroll down for lots more pictures of what is included in this unit!

What age is this Cell Unit for? 

When we first studied cells, my kids were in upper elementary and middle school students. My kids were ages 9 and 11 when we first did this unit. My 7 year old joined in too because that’s how it is when you homeschool! 😉  The most recent updates include material that is suitable for middle school and high school. (My kids were 12 and 15 when we did this unit on plant cells and photosynthesis.)

If you have the Cell Unit, Human Body BUNDLE 2 or the Biology BUNDLE of 5 be sure to check your PayPal email for the update email with your download link!  If you need help or need that link sent to you again, feel free to email me!

This unit includes more than 150 pages of materials! I will include more photos of what is included down below.

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Again, the Cell Packet is included in our Human Body Bundle. It is also included in the Biology Bundle of 5.

A Study of Cells Packet

This packet is now 150+ pages!


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Cell Unit - Plant and Animal Cell Worksheets and ActivitiesCell Packet - Cell Unit Homeschool CurriculumMore Pictures of what is included in the Cell Unit:

Cell organelles worksheets

Cell-Unit-Worksheets-Notebook-Pages-and-Game and moreCell WorksheetsCell organelles worksheetsPlant Cells WorksheetsProtein Synthesis WorksheetsAnimalvsPlantCell-Lapbook-Pieces

Some years, we continued on from this unit to talk about human cells (then tissues, organs, systems).  You can see more about that unit here: Human Body Systems: Cells, Tissues, Organs, Systems

Human Body Systems Worksheets and Activities

View the Human Body BUNDLE here: Human Body Bundle Page or in Our Store.

Human Body Systems BUNDLE

$29.99 Human Body BUNDLE OPTION 2: Human Body Systems, A Study of Cells Unit, Skeletal System Packet, Digestive System, Circulatory System Unit,  Muscular System Packet, Nervous System Packet, Endocrine System, Reproductive System Worksheets (We often talked about cells as we started our Human Body Units… then went on to talk about human body cells, tissues, organs & systems… and then would move on to a different body system each year. Generally as homeschoolers, we covered just one or two major body systems each year before moving on to another science topic.) Visit this page Human Body Bundle Page for lots more details and pictures of each of these units!


Biology Bundle of 5

The Cell Unit is also available in our Biology BUNDLE. The Biology Bundle of 5 includes these 5 packets:

1) Biology Unit (Biomes, habitats, food chains/webs, feeding relationships) – (70 pages)

2)  Scientific Classification & Taxonomy Packet (60 pages)

3) Ocean Unit & Layers of the Ocean/Ocean Zone Activities (100+ pages)

4) Cells Unit (150 pages)

5) Botany Unit (70+ pages)

Biology BUNDLE of 5 UnitsThese packets can be purchased together or separately. See the Biology BUNDLE Page for more details and lots more pictures!

Our units are PDF digital downloads.

$28.99 Biology BUNDLE of 5: 1) Biology Unit (Biomes, habitats, food chains/webs, feeding relationships) 2)  Scientific Classification & Taxonomy Packet 3) Ocean Unit & Layers of the Ocean/Ocean Zone Activities 4) Cells Unit 5) Botany Unit

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Scroll down below for more pictures!

Biology Bundle of 5

  $6.50 Biology Unit: Biomes, habitats, ecosystem, biological interactions, feeding relationships (70 pages)

$8.99  Cells Unit – cell theory, prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells, animal vs. plant cells, organelles of the cell, the layers of a leaf, photosynthesis and more.

$6.99 Botany Packet — Plant Classification, Life Cycle of the Moss, Fern, Conifer, Angiosperms, Parts of a Flower, Parts of a Seed, Seed & Fruit Development, Monocots vs Dicots – plus Carnivorous Plants Mini-Unit

$8.99 Ocean Unit – Layers of the Ocean/Ocean Zone: Marine Habitats, Coral Reefs, Tide Pools, Water Form Words, Ocean navigation, Features of the ocean floor, salinity, ocean tides & currents, ocean life, bioluminescence & more!

$6.99 Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Packet (100 pages) dichotomous key activity, Linnaeus & the history of classification, learn the Animalia phyla (Annelids, Platyhelminthes, Nematodes, Cnidaria, Animalia, etc.)

Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

Biology Unit - biomes biological interactionsFood Chain Food Web Food Pyramid Activties - Interactive Notebook PagesBotany Unit - Worksheets and Notebook Pages - Plant Kingdom Moss Ferns conifers angiospermsParts of a Flower Parts of a Seed Worksheets and Notebook PagesCarnivorous Plants Worksheets Notebook Pages Lapbook and More!Carnivorous Plants Notebook Pages

Ocean Unit - Marine Habitats Coral Reefs Tide Pools Tides Currents Ocean Zones Bioluminescence Worksheets and moreMarine Habitats WorksheetsCorals and Coral Reefs Worksheets - Notebook Pages and Lapbook ActivityScientific Classification and Taxonomy Unit for Middle School and early High SchoolScientific Classification and Taxonomy Worksheets - Matching- Notebook Pages

Scientific Classification- Dichotomous Key ActivitiesAnimal Classification Cards<p>We have been doing a big unit on Scientific Classification and Taxonomy again. I have added in more than 50 pages of new materials as we've gone through this unit!</p> <p>This is the second time we've done this unit. The last time we did it, my youngest was 9 and she said she definitely needed to review this material again. My 15 year old said she wanted to cover this material again... especially because we were going to be doing a number of labs once again.</p> <p> </p>Scientific Names WorksheetsScientific Classification - Taxonomy Worksheets on Cnidarian Platyhelminthes Nematodes AnnelidsArthropods Worksheets - Notebook PagesInsect Worksheets - Scientific Classification and TaxonomyScientific Classification and Taxonomy Unit

Animal Kingdom - Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Unit with worksheets notebook pages and activities

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